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WGMI.io Data Platform Acquired By NFT Management App Floor

Floor stands as a management application for NFTs and has recently acquired an NFT platform by the name of WGMI.io. This was revealed by the company on Monday.

A Match Made In Heaven

Floor allows its users to manage and view their respective NFT portfolios. Now, however, the app plans on expanding the experience of its users through the incorporation of the datasets of WGMI. With this new addition, Floor’s users will be capable of looking at the trading volumes and prices of their respective NFTs.

Chris Maddern stands as the CEO and co-founder of Floor, and gave a public statement about the matter. He described NFTs as representing both money and culture, and stressed the importance of developing a platform that caters to both those aspects of the NFT space.

Streamlining NFT Management

In the public statement, Maddern highlighted the fact that most people aren’t in the mood to spend the hours needed to investigate every marketplace in the NFT space. With this acquisition, Maddern hopes that Floor’s users will be capable of prioritizing greater parts of their day to trading and community interaction within the various NFT circles.

The Floor App is currently in its closed beta testing phases, but is available both on android and iOS. This close beta is currently only open for a select few token holders, and is led by Christine Brown, COO, and co-founder of Floor. It should be noted that Brown had served previously in Robinhood, serving as its CEO. Another critical player within Floor’s personnel is Siddhartha Dabral. Dabral stands as the CTO and co-founder of Floor, and had formerly founded Button Inc, a software company.

Modernizing Web3

In the public announcement by Floor, the app describes WGMI as a trailblazer when it comes to analytics in the NFT space. With WGMI’s help, the announcement highlights that investors are capable of seeing NFTs as investments instead of anything else. This is helped by the robust valuation and comparison tools that WGMI provides its users.

The announcement explained that WGMI’s features would be integrated within the next few months. The first of which will be the deep-analytics features of their newly acquired asset. The announcement emphasized the portfolio’s enriched experience with these new features, and how it would help the users of Floor to expand their reach.

Floor emphasized the beauty of Web3, its decentralized nature, but also the problems that it brings in terms of data collection. The announcement explained that the “Google” opportunity for Web3 is the introduction of a means to help users navigate the decentralized, fragmented nature of Web3. The announcement claims that this can only be achieved through strong community partnerships as well as solid investment technology.

As such, Floor declares WGMI as a spectacular means to consolidate the app’s abilities while extending its team. The biggest win, according to the statement, is the fact that it will allow Floor to further its plans of partnering with dozens of projects and companies across the Web3 space. Through doing so, Floor hopes to become the go-to means of new users entering the Web3 space.


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