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Neon District is a role-playing game that takes place in a dystopian future city. Its use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) makes it fascinating.

What is Neon District NFT?

Blockade Games has developed a cyberpunk, role-playing sci-fi game called Neon District. The teams in the adventure are made up of one to four people, all of which are armed and armed. Every character in Neon District fights with a deck of cards.

For the battlefield, this deck of cards provides a variety of advantages and tactics for characters. The dystopia can be progressed by collecting in-game artifacts. Since all cards in Neon District are generated using the Ethereum NFT standard (ERC721), players can rest assured that each card they receive will be unique.

How to play Neon District NFT?

NEON may now be earned by playing Neon District’s exciting Neon Pizza mode, which can be redeemed for NEON. Starting to earn is possible as soon as players can deliver pizzas and fight off rival criminal groups in their area of responsibility.

The Neon Pizza competitive multiplayer missions are available in Neon District, allowing users to pit their teams against one another. In the Neon Pizza mode, players must dispatch their pizza delivery teams to earn more Neon, Parts, and Juice.

These and other revenues can be spent to enhance characters, weapons, and armor and purchase other Neon. To buy gear crates, you can also use them. After reaching a certain level, the player’s squad can target other players who are delivering pizza.

Go to the District Portal and sign up for a new account to begin playing the game. In addition, you’ll start with only one free character, five juice, and 300 Neon. You can purchase three other characters with your initial Neon to make your first entire squad.

Click “Claim a Free Character” to get your free character on the dashboard. Select from one of six character kinds on the dashboard. Demon, Doc, Genius, Ghost, Heavy, and Jack are some of the several character kinds. You can purchase three additional characters using your Neon tokens once you select your free character.

Social Token Coin (COIN)

Gamers can stake the COIN social token to gain digital assets for playing Neon District. To get the token, players must first offer Uniswap with trading liquidity. On coinartist.io, they’ll be able to stake the liquidity tokens they’ve just earned.

Marguerite de Courcelle, the CEO of Blockade Games, is linked to her work in the blockchain gaming field by COIN, the social token. DeCourcelle unveiled this product in September of the following year. In addition, Blockade Games hopes that staking a wrapped game character will allow players to gain COIN.

How does Neon District NFT work?

Neon Pizza aims to let gamers make money while playing in the Neon District. The concept is a little ridiculous: Either you can be a law-abiding pizza delivery guy, or you can try to be a street gang member and steal from others trying to do well. Beating up rival groups of characters will win Neon and various badges for you.

With your free Neons, you can put together your group of soldiers. However, upgrading your characters yields the best outcomes. The character editor in Neon District is extensive, and there is a plethora of gear and equipment at your disposal in this game.

That also adds a significant amount of strategic nuance to the game. You’ll have to put in some effort to become proficient in it. However, you’ll better understand how the system works with each delivery or ambush.

How to buy Neon District NFT?

Step 1:

In the first step, you can purchase Ethereum on eToro, which is used to purchase most non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Step 2: eToro account verification

For those of you who do not already have an eToro account, you can open one by completing a simple registration process, validating your identity, and making a deposit. Once your account has been validated and funded, you may navigate to the Ethereum section of the website and select the amount of Ethereum you wish to buy.

Step 3: purchase Ethereum

You will need to transfer the funds from your Ethereum Wallet to your eToro Wallet to execute the transaction once you have obtained Ethereum. You may accomplish that by browsing the Portfolio button on your eToro account, selecting Ethereum, and then clicking on Transfer to Wallet in the next window.

Get Ethereum on eToro to Buy the NFT
  • The Wallet of the Custodian

You don’t even need to know anything about blockchains or ETH to play the game. A clever move on the developers, who now have the opportunity to reach a far broader audience. Still, the in-game objects are NFTs and are therefore saved on the game chain. The developers came up with a solution by building a separate wallet for each user. Any new stuff you earn is stored in the wallet and cannot (have to) be accessed unless you delve into the account settings.

The Neon District team owns and manages a custodial wallet; therefore, if you’re a competent cryptocurrency user, there aren’t any, right? Therefore, your assets would be lost if your account is blocked or if you lock yourself out of it.

In this case, the gas fees are so low that you won’t even have to pay for withdrawing the game things! To keep things simple, you can use your Ethereum wallet address and the Meta Mask setup to manage everything on Matic, an Ethereum side chain.

  • Taking the First Item Over

Select any item in your inventory that isn’t already attached to a character. And a transfer button will appear on the screen.

However, it’s worth noting that ETH transfers are feasible, but you’ll be responsible for the gas fee (not a smart move with the current gas prices). Enter your Ethereum wallet address and complete the transfer now.

They will vanish from your inventory for a short period but do not be alarmed. To confirm that this particular item is genuinely in your wallet, you can open the transfer option for the item once more.

Neon District NFT price prediction

It’s the same with Neon District, except you won’t have to pay any upfront fees. When a new player joins the game, they are given a free character, 300 Neon, and 5 Juice (in-game currency). That should be sufficient to start you moving. You don’t need to buy anything initially, but you’ll have to make up for it with a lot of playing time.

Openly NFT, the Neon District is the place to be. Several games shy away from the subject to avoid offending their traditional audience, while others hide their blockchain functions deep within the game itself. If that wasn’t bad enough, Neon District wants to be the next big metaverse.

A financing round of $5 million has just been completed by the company’s founders, blockade games. There is a $23 million valuation on the company, which indicates that investors are willing to put a large amount of money on the table to see it grow. It demonstrates how exciting blockchain games are and how huge the experts foresee this market to become!

Is the Neon District NFT a scam?

Neon District is a brand-new blockchain game with stunning visuals and a stellar development team.

They are playing the blockchain game with the help of cutting-edge technology that addresses scaling issues. Many people are considering making the transition to cryptocurrencies.

Hundreds of thousands of gamers visit games like Neon District every day to achieve their more prosperous gaming industry dreams. There is nothing more to it than a few bytes on the servers of the game’s creators. You could wipe out your entire stock, and you have no say in the matter.

Neon District NFT review – is it worth it?

Yes, but you’ll need a plan in place beforehand. If you’re going to use crypto games to generate value, you’ll need to do so. So choose a massive game for you to generate money. If you’re looking for some insight into the markets behind the games, there are plenty of options available online.

Don’t be afraid to dive in when you uncover something worthwhile. Initial expenditure is required in most games. Axie Infinity requires you to purchase one or two Axies to get started. Then again, as you know, nothing of value comes cheap!

In the dystopian world of Neon District, characters are semi-realistic and have a complex task map. In early 2022, the game claimed to have 33,000 daily players. The game’s design team spent a lot of time on it and built a platform to host millions of players.


Neon District, Blockade Games’ main blockchain game, is about to go live in phases. In addition, the game will be available on the popular Steam platform. Fans of cyberpunk will be thrilled by the game’s visuals. Because the game leverages blockchain technology to create NFTs, it has a distinct advantage over other role-playing games (RPG). Your digital assets will have monetary worth, thanks to these NFTs. Profits will be generated when more participants join the game, leading to a more liquid economy.