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The recent surge in popularity of non-fungible tokens has given rise to various types of NFT projects. Play-to-earn games are among the most intriguing projects in the NFT space right now. As the name implies, games like this allow players to earn real money from playing a game. With projects like this, you’re doing more than just owning and using NFTs for gameplay, you also earn real tokens as rewards for playing the game.

Wolf game is one of the most recent entrants into the play to earn NFT space. The game, which now has a large ecosystem of players, became quite popular shortly after launch thanks to honorable mentions from celebrities like Gary Vee and Beanie.eth. So far, Wolf Game and its associated cryptocurrency have enjoyed a total trading volume of over  $10 million in total trading. How exactly does this game work and what makes it so intriguing? Read on to find out!

What is Wolf Game NFT

As earlier explained, Wolf Game is a play-to-earn game. The game, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, includes elements of non-fungible tokens and the concept of Decentralized finance (DeFi) to help players earn profit from playing the game.

Wolf Game uses an on-chain risk protocol. This is one of the most vital characteristics of this game since it plays an important role in how players play the game and earn from it. Players who play the game are risking their tokens, but this also means a significant chance of being rewarded as well. Another intriguing characteristic of this game is its rarity.

The identity of Wolf Game’s founder or the team behind the game is not publicly known as of now. This further adds to the intrigues of the game. However, a pseudonymous personality known as ‘the Shepherd’ is in charge of all formal communications regarding the game.

How to Play Wolf Game Nft – Wolf Game Nft Explained

If you’re wondering and asking questions like “how does wolf game NFT work?”, Here’s a quick breakdown to help you understand it.

The Wolf Game could otherwise be referred to as the wolf and sheep game NFT because gameplay involves two main characters: the wolf NFTs and the Sheep NFTs. Players in the game participate in minting these characters. For every mint, the chances of getting a Sheep is 90% while the chances of getting a wolf are 10%.

The native token of the Wolf Game platform is WOOL. This is the governance token of the platform built on the ERC-20 Ethereum protocol. The token is an important part of gameplay, growing resources, breeding sheep and wolves, and of course earning on the game.

The two main methods of earning passive income on the Wolf Game platform are either by earning WOOL from staking your sheep NFTs or by earning WOOL taxes as a Wolf NFT holder.

So How Exactly Does the Game Work?

Wolf Game is a NFT Metaverse game. Sheep NFT holders stake their NFT in the metaverse. The flock of sheep will produce a healthy supply of WOOL tokens (up to 10,000 $WOOL tokens daily). 80% of the combined $WOOL tokens are shared between all the users that have sheep NFTs on the platform. Users can use the WOOL tokens they earn to buy more sheep.

Outside the barn, there are Wolves on the prowl. These Wolves can steal sheep or WOOL at any opportunity they get. To prevent this, farmers strike a deal with the Wolf NFT holders to pay 20% of the $WOOL tokens they earn to Wolf NFT holders. Paying taxes this way keeps the sheep from getting attacked when they’re staked (safely in the Barn). Sheep that are unstaked (leave the barn) have a 50% chance of being stolen by the wolves.

How to Buy Wolf Game NFT

Currently, minting of new Wolf Game NFTs is on hold. Therefore,  the only place you can purchase Wolf Game NFTs is on Opeansea-a secondary NFT marketplace. However, finding Wolf Game NFT Opensea is a little difficult because the bulk of the NFTs have been staked in the game and only a handful are unstaked and available for purchase. When minting resumes, users will have more options to purchase new NFTs as some people may decide to mint new NFTs and flip.

How To Buy Crypto On eToro

To buy most NFTs, you’ll need Ether (ETH) which is the native currency of the Ethereum network. Here’s a step by step guide on how to buy Ether on eToro

Step 1:

On the eToro website, enter your personal information to set up your account and get started.

Step 2: Verify your account

Your new account must be verified before you are allowed to add funds to it. A valid means of identification will be needed to verify your account. The verification process is completed within minutes and you can now proceed to add funds to your account. This can be done via debit/credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill or Paypal, or through bank transfers.

Step 3: Buy Ethereum

With your account funded, you can now proceed to purchase Ethereum. In the search bar, type in Ethereum and select the amount of ETH you’ll like to purchase. Once you make a purchase, your account is funded with ETH and you can now proceed to buy NFTs with it on a platform like Opensea or any other supported marketplace.

Wolf Game NFT Price Predictions

Right after its release, the price of wolf game NFTs skyrocketed. As of 23rd November 2021, the price stood at $0.1635. This was soon followed by a sharp drop to $0.02739. Soon after, the coin recovered and rose in value again, reaching a new high of $0.4 by January 2022.

The price surge continued through January and new record high prices of $0.4978 were recorded as of January 20. This was soon followed by a sharp decline. By the end of January, Wolf game coins sold at $0.158.

The WOOL token experienced a price spike again in February and by the middle of the month, it sold at $0.2589. Currently, the price of WOOL stands at $0.117845 as of March 21, 2022. This represents a decline of up to -78.1% from the all-time high price of $0.530859.

The circulating supply of WOOL coins is unknown. However, the maximum supply of this token is 5 billion WOOL. The trading volume now stands at $279,846 and the diluted market cap for this token is $524.59m.

So what is the future price projection for WOOL according to experts? Wallet Investor thinks WOOL will enjoy a bullish future with prices predicted to go up to as high as $0.629 in a year and up to $2.57 in the next five years.

Gov.capital also predicts an optimistic future for Wolf Game. WOOL with prices expected to hit $0.6712 by next year. The five-year forecast for WOOL from Gov.capital also projects that it’ll be worth $2.726.

DigitalCoinPrice also predicts a positive future but with a more conservative price projection.

Wool is expected to be worth $0.15  by next year and may stand at $0.2 by 2025.

Of course, you should note that these are mere predictions that only serve as helpful indicators of possible price movement. They should not be considered absolute projections or long-term forecasts since these predictions may turn out to be completely off the mark considering the volatility of cryptocurrency and the unpredictable nature of NFTs

Is Wolf Game NFT a scam?

There have been a number of concerns about the legitimacy of Wolf Game NFTs. But from all indications, Wolf Game NFTs is not a scam. Although the team behind the project is anonymous and there were technical difficulties in its early days, Wolf Game seems like the real deal. However, you should note that Wolf Game adds the risk element into the game strategy. Hence, there is a high chance of losing your investment in playing this game if care is not taken.

Wolf Game NFT Review – Is It Worth It?

One major concern about this game is that the Wolf Game NFTs and tokens have no real-world utility outside of the game. Even the project white paper clearly states that the WOOL coins’ only purpose is for minting more NFTs within the game’s ecosystem. Outside of the game, there’s nothing you can use the token for. There are also no plans for a secondary market for the token which means there are no chances of purchasing the token or exchanging the tokens for fiat currency outside the game.

Despite this, secondary market places like Uniswap offer the tokens for sale for around $0.10. Holders of this token can use them within the game to breed and mint more sheep and wolf NFTs. Since there’s a limited supply of NFTS that can be minted in the game, no one knows what’s going to become of WOOL in the future.

In summary, Wolf Game is no doubt one of the upcoming NFT drops to look out for, but with an uncertain future. Investing is also quite risky considering the fact that the game is built on a risk protocol. Of course, high-risk investments often promise high-value rewards. If you’re lucky enough you may be able to earn some real profits based on your understanding of the game and the emerging market surrounding its ecosystem.