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Hosted on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and built on the Ethereum blockchain technology, Samurai Saga NFT is projected to take the NFT Metaverse Game space by storm. This digital token is eagerly awaited by digital art and classic warrior fans throughout the globe. Buyers of these tokens can also utilize the characters in gameplay.

This article will cover all you need to know about these new Non-Fungible Tokens linked to Japanese warriors.

What is Samurai Saga NFT?

The artwork for Samurai Saga was produced by a creative artist called Dino Tomic, who is known for his meticulous attention to detail. Also, Sensei Vedran happens to be the main developer of the Samurai Saga NFT project. In the Samurai Saga Collection, 9999 distinct digital art collections reflect different Samurai characters. Samurai legends, heroes, and foot warriors are all found in the Samurai clan. The value of an NFT token is generally influenced by its NFT character.

Unlike many other NFT collections, the Samurai saga collection is not a typical narrative. Three (3) influential elements: artwork, staking, and gameplay make up the full ecosystem. Samurai Saga is more than just a collection of NFT figures; it is more like a space where collectors can interact with one another and battle enemies with the help of forefront Samurai figures.

The Story Behind Samurai Saga NFT Game

For the previous 145 years, the Samurai have been keeping a close eye on things, anticipating the day when they will once again be called upon to combat evil. The moment has arrived, but the Samurais will need more than just their weapons to survive in the twenty-first century. What Ronin and his team of specialists have created are the most technologically sophisticated of all Samurai, otherwise known as Cyber Samurai, i.e., playable NFT avatars.

Samurai Saga NFT site claims that each Cyber Samurai has more than 350 abilities. As the war against demons continues, Samurai Saga is poised to release the newest NFT collection, “Onna-bugeisha.” It is anticipated that 3D versions of every Samurai will be accessible by April 2022, enabling owners to take part in the fascinating Metaverse game.

A summary of the Onna-Bugeisha Collection

As part of the Samurai Saga NFT, players may choose from a special collection of 6,666 Samurai known as Onna-Bugeisha. This web3.0 project is centered on the most ambitious NFT artwork, utility-based tokens, and the most immersive play-to-earn gaming experience available.

The story of Onna-bugeisha is about a person’s ability to withstand and overcome adversity. A clan of creators, breeders, and fighters is fighting against Kaiju demons in the Open World, where collectors can utilize their NFTs to their advantage.

The NFT collection is set to serve an important part in the development of the Samurai Saga environment. Saga’s staking mechanism allows every Onna-bugeisha to collect the in-game revenue known as GENKI tokens, a native currency present in the game. The higher the staking period, the greater the number of tokens collected.

Subsequently, Onna-bugeisha warriors will be launched as playable figures in the next play-to-earn game in relation to increasing the overall staking structure. The possession of an Onna-bugeisha NFT is required in order to gain entry to the gaming character world, which has a distinct set of qualities, skills, and game experience than the other classes.

The Onna-bugeisha drop can be minted via: https://www.samuraisaga.com/onna-bugeisha

 The Itinerary for the Samurai Saga NFT Project

There will be GENKI tokens that can be acquired on Uniswap, as well as the official Samurai Saga NFT game demo and production “behind-the-scenes” content. The Samurai saga blueprint and a new site will be finished simultaneously. Besides being a playable character in the Samurai Saga game, the Onna-Bugeisha NFT Collection will play an important part in the ecosystem for continuous improvements.

For Samurai Saga fans, the last showdown starts with a playable game demo. After the release of the game demo, the time to get involved in the action and immerse yourself in a completely new universe is up next. With the launch of the game demo, the official retail outlet will include special collectibles.

When the Kaiju Monsters NFT collection is completed, they will be ready to take part in the epic war ahead. There will be no other NFT that can provide the benefits that those who qualify for will get in the form of monsters. They’re made to go head-to-head with the Samurai Saga NFT characters and the Onna-Bugeisha, which is why they’re called Kaiju Monsters.

The Teens Samurai NFT collection is born to entice new gamers to Samurai Saga. Not everyone will be able to breed and manage the Teens Samurai. Samurai Saga NFT Discord and subsequent Initiatives will have more information soon. The Samurai Saga’s gaming adventure will be further enhanced with the addition of additional clashes, game options, and in-game characters. In order to go towards the ultimate triumph, players and their factions can fight to gain rewards together.

How to Play Samurai Saga NFT Game?

Samurai Saga will debut the Web3 “Play-To-Earn” gameplay experience in April 2022. NFT collectors can acquire rewards and tokens during the fighting, fascinated by multiplayer warriors, via several gameplay modes and varied accolades.

NFT holders will be able to unlock additional playable avatars, unique features, and in-game techniques that may be used to gain prizes if the game is fully functioning with world-class visuals.

The new Play-to-Earn game is not only about NFT earnings but also about the equipment, weapons, and characters that are necessary to win in the Samurai saga ecosystem. More details on how to play the game will be available later.

How to Buy Samurai Saga NFT

  • To get started, you need to go to the OpenSea Platform.
  • Use the platform’s wallet integration feature to link your account. If you don’t have a wallet, you can easily create one eToro platform.
  • Ensure to load your associated wallet with an adequate amount of Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.
  • Simply select the NFT you would like to acquire on the OpenSea platform.
  • After choosing the NFT, paying for the NFT price in ETH is the last step in completing your transaction. You are also required to pay an additional fee (gas fee) in ETH together with the NFT cost.

Note: It is advisable to carefully verify Samurai Saga NFT rarity using the Rarity tools before bidding on any of them.

How to Buy Ethereum on eToro

Follow the steps below for easy purchase:

  • Open eToro Account: To trade on eToro, you must first create an account. To achieve this, just go to the eToro website and fill out some basic information about yourself.
  • Validate and finance your eToro account: To load your account with funds, you must first validate it. To achieve this, all you need to do is supply eToro with a valid ID. This stage is expected to be completed within minutes. There are various ways to fund your account after it has been validated. PayPal and Skrill are examples of e-wallets that can be used to make payments, as well as debit and credit cards.
  • Purchase ETH (Ethereum): You can purchase Ethereum now that your account has been funded. To accomplish this, enter Ethereum into the search box. Then choose it and indicate how many ETH you want to purchase by highlighting it. You’ll then have funds in your account that you can use to make NFT purchases.

  • Link your eToro Wallet to an NFT Marketplace: With WalletConnect, you can now link your wallet to a marketplace like OpenSea. Go to the OpenSea website and click on the account icon at the top right of the page. From this point forward. Scan the QR code or type in your wallet address in the WalletConnect section. Your eToro wallet and OpenSea will now be linked.

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Samurai Saga NFT Mint Price and Statistics

18000 Genki with not more than 5 NFT per wallet. Holders of Samurai saga NFT can mint at 0.25 ETH for each, with maximum of 5 per wallet. Whitelist is at 0.25 ETH for each and up to 2 per wallet. It is open to the public at 0.25 ETH each with maximum of 2 per wallet.

Some Significant Points

  • As the name suggests, Samurai Saga features an array of Samurai donning different outfits and wielding various weapons. NFTs are given a new existence as 3D digital artworks.
  • Distinctively, the NFT collection was put together without considering any particular order.
  • Every NFT has the most up-to-date Samurai ready to fight in a battle.
  • A wide range of play modes is compatible with Samurai Saga NFT characters.
  • The NFT’s attributes will be determined by the price at which it is offered.
  • Token collectors get dividends depending on the number of NFTs they own.
  • Staking an NFT is an option that will allow you to earn GENKI tokens that can be utilized for upcoming NFT drops as well as for in-game transactions.
  • With your Samurai Saga tokens, you’ll have the ability to spend them in-game, where they will be used for anything from purchasing items to completing missions and quests. You’ll gain it through playing, investing in upgrades, and activating new levels and locations.

Final take is it worth it?

The Samurai Saga NFT Collection is a must-have if you’re an enthusiast of the Samurai characters.

Some of the nicest utilities I’ve ever seen will be given to Samurai Saga NFT holders. Token distribution, access to the metaverse, and even play-to-win games are all included. The greatest aspect is that they’ve essentially completed their itinerary prior to becoming official.

Samurai Saga has a wide range of features planned for the future to complement the new NFT drops and game releases. This will ensure that token holders remain involved in the project’s evolution.

Since its inception, Samurai Saga hasn’t relented and has a clear goal of expanding its existing 50,000-strong fan base across many digital channels. You can follow Samurai Saga’s community to stay up-to-date on the newest updates.