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With his pre-Matrix vision of a fully virtual world where hackers and affluent elites gather to trade secrets and catch glimpses of famous people, Stephenson inspired a generation of computer programmers, artists, and intellectuals to conceive a pre-Internet Metaverse.

Ben Nolan, Cryptovoxels’ (a blockchain-based virtual environment) founder, was one of the many individuals inspired by Stephenson’s vision. For Nolan, blockchain wasn’t intended to be a get-rich-quick (Ponzi) scheme. With the hope of assisting in developing the next phase of online communication and community, his ultimate goal is to build something that will stand the test of time.

Cryptovoxels is a space where artists draw your attention by welcoming you into their unique art galleries adorned with limited-edition artworks minted and exchanged only on the blockchain. Inside Cryptovoxels, you’ll discover an art gallery packed with the beautiful scenery of the current cryptocurrency goldfields: non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a digitally secure commodity that’s storming the art world in a number of ways. Even Cryptovoxel’s virtual realm is an NFT video game, with virtual real estate plots sold on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Everything you need to know about Cryptovoxels will be explored in this article. Let’s ride!

 What is Cryptovoxels?

Powered by Ethereum blockchain, Cryptovoxels is a virtual environment with integrated editing software, characters, and text chat. For example, players can purchase land to create businesses and art galleries on that area’s block assets and streets. The users own land and assets, and their transactions are permanently stored on the blockchain.

Cryptovoxels was launched in 2018 as a project to create a web-based metaverse. Realizing the possibility of an Ethereum blockchain-based virtual world (using an ERC721 token) where land ownership could be recorded, the author decided to create an editable digital world that didn’t need any programming knowledge on the part of the user.

Cryptovoxels virtual space can be experienced using the map by selecting an avatar. Alternatively, it can be explored through artists, galleries, or portals. The concept of this ecosystem is based on the game Minecraft. An organization that consists of developers called “The Corporation” owns and controls the streets in this virtual world, and they mint the plots and utilize the money to further the project’s growth. Building in this virtual world requires purchasing plots from the Corporation, which can only be done with the use of an Ethereum wallet like eToro wallet, Metamask, etc.

How does Cryptovoxels Work?

You can access a menu by using the “TAB” button, which will bring up a list of options that include 3D modeling imports, paragraphs with photos and 3D texts, and more.

User interaction and communication on the site becomes much easier when they utilize the voxel crypto chat option.

How to Invest in Cryptovoxels Metaverse?

Cryptovoxels was originally formed as a metaverse to create small cubes (voxels), which would form an outline (terrain) on the web, similar to Minecraft. However, it is allowed to live, socialize with other virtual users, and generate transactions through tokens on this platform. The token of the platform is Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA).

To access Cryptovoxels, you do not need to download an application. You can explore and create from your browser through the official page. What you need are a package and a browser wallet. If you want to experience virtual reality, you can do so because the platform supports virtual reality.

How to Build in Cryptovoxels?

You don’t need to break or move mountains before you can build in Cryptovoxels Metaverse. Rather, you just need to sign up and begin installing items on your property while playing. You can discover many artists that are willing to accept construction projects, and they will produce fantastic work by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The current drawback is that you can’t develop any complicated functionality on Cryptovoxels for now.

Explore the Future of Virtual Ecosystem

Cryptovoxels virtual space is a creator-oriented metaverse dependent on interaction with other users. In this digital space, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore other users’ plots and see their creations.
  • Partake in community events like exhibitions, parties, and vernissages.
  • Build on the land you acquired. The options are endless: you can place NFTs, live streams, portals, 3D models, videos, images to other locations, etc.
  • Buy and sell, as this metaverse has its unique established economy.

Cryptovoxels Parcel

The Ethereum blockchain powers a voxel-based virtual environment called CryptoVoxels Parcel. More than just building blocks and 3D models, 3D texts, Images can be found on this Parcel.

CryptoVoxels operates by recording Parcel ownership as an Ethereum token as a web-based multiplayer virtual environment.

How to Buy Cryptovoxels Token?

Currently, Cryptovoxels doesn’t have a native token; however, it uses an ERC20 token called Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA), which represents a parcel of land in Origin City.

You can purchase Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA) token you desire via OpenSea market (the game’s official secondary marketplace) using Ethereum (ETH) Cryptocurrency.

Follow the steps below to buy Cryptovoxels token on the OpenSea platform:

  • Go to OpenSea Site: The first step here is for you to visit the OpenSea online platform.
  • Link your wallet: Then, use the platform’s wallet integration tool to link your account. If you don’t have a wallet, you can simply create one using the eToro platform.
  • Load your wallet: You are required to load your associated wallet with an adequate amount of Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.
  • Choose your token: With sufficient Ethereum balance, select the token you would like to purchase and the quantity on the OpenSea platform.
  • Payment: Once you have selected your desired token, paying for the token price in ETH is the next and last step in validating your transaction. Note: You will need to pay an additional fee (gas fee) in ETH with the token’s cost.

How to Buy Ethereum on eToro Platform

To buy Cryptovoxels token on the OpenSea marketplace, you will need Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Here is how to buy Ethereum on the eToro investment platform:

  • Open an eToro Account: To trade on eToro, you must first create an account. To achieve this, just go to the eToro website and fill out some basic information about yourself.

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  • Validate and fund your eToro account: To load your account with funds, you must first validate it. To achieve this, all you need to do is supply eToro with a valid ID. This stage is expected to be completed within minutes. There are various ways to fund your account after it has been validated. PayPal and Skrill are examples of e-wallets that can be used to make payments, as well as debit and credit cards.
  • Purchase ETH (Ethereum): You can purchase Ethereum now that your account has been funded. To accomplish this, enter Ethereum into the search box. Then choose it and indicate how many ETH you want to purchase by highlighting it. You’ll then have funds in your account that you can use to make NFT purchases.

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  • Link your eToro wallet to an NFT Marketplace: With WalletConnect, you can now link your wallet to a marketplace like OpenSea. Go to the OpenSea website and click on the account icon at the top right of the page. Scan the QR code or type in your wallet address in the WalletConnect section. Your eToro wallet and OpenSea will now be linked.

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Cryptovoxels vs. Decentraland

Decentraland is a single metaverse layer divided uniformly into a grid. In Decentraland, there is a finite quantity of LAND, and the Decentraland DAO is the only means to increase that supply. Virtual architecture in both Decentraland and Cryptovoxels is represented using polygons and voxels, respectively.

Decentraland’s world architecture allows it to operate more smoothly than CV. It makes use of several instances, each of which must be loaded prior to making any transitions between spaces. Anyone can stumble into anyone else in CV’s open-world VR environment, although this might be a problem for older or less powerful devices running the platform. They both use the Ethereum blockchain technology.

 Cryptovoxels vs. Sandbox

Sandbox metaverse is the transformation of a successful non-blockchain project into new technology. Sandbox uses tools such as VoxEdit, the Game Maker, and the Sandbox marketplace for modifications. In Sandbox, users can merge their plots into estates in order to create larger areas since all the land is the same size.

There is a limited amount of land, but a large portion of it has not yet been made available for purchase. Unlike Cryptovoxels, Sandbox has a native cryptocurrency token called $SAND (an ERC20 token). However, they both support Ethereum blockchain technology.

 Cryptovoxels Price and Statistics

70 Block Fork —               $ 181,472.00

74 Block Fork —               $ 178,794.00

75 Block Fork —               $ 178,794.00

1 Score Fork —                 $ 81,662.40

1 Troy Extension —         $ 9,858.70

2 Robotis Court —           $ 7,151.76

Ceres 6 —                          $ 6,496.16

 Pros of Cryptovoxels

  • an active and welcoming community
  • It’s more like a game world than a cryptographic interface.
  • Players can design their unique outfits and accessories in the game and then place them on their characters.

 Cons of Cryptovoxels

  • The aesthetic appeal of voxel graphics is significantly constrained.
  • Using old digital devices, the open world can be glitchy.
  • The availability of parcels is limited.

 Final take is it worth it?

You must explore CryptoVoxels if you would like to get fascinated quickly. There are a lot of art galleries across the ecosystem, and the community is fully devoted. In this virtual ecosystem, which is financed by the sale of virtual land on an expanding map, players can take advantage of all the possibilities of NFTs and the decentralized economy.

To entice additional BUILDERS, the team sets the costs based on FIAT. Parcels in Crytovoxels are owned by many organizations and influencers alike; however, the vast majority of these plots are the work of artists looking to promote their work.

Although the globe is full of art and business events, there isn’t a single place where you can keep track of them all.

Can you mind Cryptovoxels?

Yes, you are able to mint and exchange Cryptovoxels on the blockchain

Can you make money with Cryptovoxels?

Yes, as with many NFTs you can make money by buying and selling Cryptovoxels

Is Cryptovoxels Legit?

Yes, Cryptovoxels is a virtual environment with integrated editing software, characters, and text chat, welcoming everyone!