MetaMask Unveils New Tool for Checking Airdrop and NFT Eligibility

MetaMask, the widely-known web3 wallet, has launched a new feature enabling users to check if they are qualified for NFT claims and airdrops. This partnership with the blockchain project Daylight intends to streamline the process of finding possible opportunities for users in the decentralized network. Users Will Receive Customized Suggestions Based On Several Social Elements … Continued

Extra Mile Partners With TV Asahi Group To Launch Blockchain Games Accelerator

Extra Mile, a blockchain and mobile gaming company in Japan, has revealed a collaboration with TV Asahi Group to launch a new program in the blockchain gaming industry. Together, the two companies are introducing a blockchain accelerator program intended to support developers. The partnership between TV Asahi Group and Extra Mile will provide assistance to … Continued

Honeyland Mobile Introduces Play-To-Airdrop Campaign

Honeyland, a mobile-first blockchain strategy game, has recently launched a play-to-airdrop campaign. This move aims to allow players to delve into beekeeping while contesting for exclusive rewards. The game offers a unique gaming experience for strategy-minded gamers and casual players alike. The newly introduced play-to-airdrop campaign is launched for the management and enlargement of the … Continued

Azuro Announces Completion of $11 Million Funding Round

Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Azuro, has announced that it has reached a landmark achievement in its funding journey. The firm is focused on improving the blockchain layer after securing $11 million in pre-launch funding. According to Azuro, the aim is to revolutionize prediction markets in the web3 space. Top Investment Firms Contributed To The Funding … Continued

Ubisoft Drops Hint About New Blockchain Game During Paris Event

Ubisoft is getting closer to launching its first blockchain-powered game after the release of the initial gameplay preview for Champion Tactics Grimoria in the Paris Blockchain Week. The RPG enables players to create blockchain figurines with special characteristics and features that can be grouped into teams of three for the tactical game. The game boasts … Continued

350 Web3 Ventures Join Saga Mainnet At Launch

Saga, the well-known San Francisco-based Layer-1 protocol blockchain tech company plans to introduce its highly anticipated Mainnet Phase One this week. This approach will mark a notable milestone in the realm of blockchain gaming, as the firm is poised to collaborate with an advanced platform with more than 350 Web3 projects. In addition, about 200 … Continued

Free-to-Play Everseed New Open Beta Introduces Bitcoin Rewards

Everseed, the captivating tower defense game, is getting ready for its highly-anticipated open beta launch, according to its post on X platform. In an adventurous move, the open beta corresponds with the start of season three. It aims to offer an exciting gaming experience for players across both desktop and mobile platforms. The open beta … Continued

Fortnite-Inspired Ethereum Game To Include Doge-Themed Environment

OpenSeason, an Ethereum-powered battle royale game, has unveiled its plan to introduce a Doge-themed domain, a realm where the exciting legend of Kabosu, the Doge is brought to light. Kabosu, the fluffy Shiba Inu that powered the well-known “Doge” meme initiated a holy pilgrimage, a $28 billion meme token, and a bronze sculpture rose in … Continued

Web3 Musical Game Idol World Integrates $STOME Meme Coin

Web3 musical game Idol World has announced that it will be enhancing its gaming space by introducing a $TOME meme coin and integrating its NFTs. The token will be used as the game’s in-game currency. With this approach, the users will have a more immersive experience while having the opportunity to gain financial rewards for … Continued

Gaming Studio Ginger Joy Reveals More On Its Fundora NFT Sale

Ginger Joy, a web3 mobile gaming startup based in the United Kingdom, has revealed more information about its upcoming sale of Fundora Eternal non-fungible token PFPs. This gathering of 1,000 non-fungible tokens signifies a crucial milestone in the studio’s plan to develop a compatible gaming ecosystem covering several mobile titles. As an element of the … Continued

Playtron Join Forces With Mysten Labs To Unveil SuiPlay0x1

Gaming startup Playtron is aiming to rival the supremacy of handhelds from established giants like Nintendo and Steam with the introduction of a low-cost, adaptable operating system. This system can work on various devices. The studio is collaborating with Mysten Labs to roll out a sui-labeled model. On Wednesday, Mysten Labs and Playtron unveiled the … Continued

Stepn Unveils $30 Million Airdrop For Solana Move-To-Earn Game

Stepn, the move-to-earn game, has officially initiated a $30 million airdrop campaign, with FSL developers distributing over 100 million airdrop points to gamers during a weeklong event. The points can be exchanged for 1:1 Stepn’s native GMT token deployed on the Solana network. The airdrop initiative is being held in two phases, with the first … Continued

‘Space Nation Online’ Ethereum Game Unveils Airdrop Incentives

Space Nation Online, an Ethereum-powered sci-fi MMORPG created on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network, unveiled a 10-week airdrop incentive program during the closed beta period. On Monday, the holders of specific NFTs became qualified to obtain “OIK shards” (essentially airdrop points) for Space Nation Online. Every day at 9:05 UTC, a photo of NFT holders … Continued

Saga Token Debuts On Binance Exchange Along With Mainnet Launch

Saga is an innovative layer-1 blockchain network created to allow creators to roll out their own layer-1 blockchains. The network recently introduced its mainnet, along with its SAGA token that was initially listed on top digital currency exchange Binance. The launch comes after a ground-breaking Binance Launchpool promotion for the SAGA token. During the campaign, … Continued

MetalCore Rolls Out Immutable zkEVM Beta, Providing Players with Token Rewards

Studio369, the platform that powered the Ethereum-based mech shooter game MetalCore, has recently unveiled the release of its newest closed beta test. This approach marks a significant achievement for the studio firm, as it gained recognition as the first playable title established on the fresh Immutable zkEVM scaling network. Studio369 Seeks To Drive Engagement Through … Continued

Gunzilla Games Incorporates Its GUNZ Blockchain Platform Into OpenSea

Gunzilla Games, the gaming studio behind “Off the Grid,” an upcoming FPS battle royale game, has revealed its collaboration with OpenSea. The studio aims to integrate its GUNZ blockchain platform with the renowned NFT marketplace Opensea. This latest move will aid players to trade game-based virtual items from any game developed on the GUNZ blockchain … Continued

Metaplex Core Partnership Propels Tensor To Forefront Of NFT Marketplaces

Tensor, a leading Solana NFT marketplace, has officially announced on X its prestige as the first of its kind to adopt Metaplex Core Tensor’s incorporation of Core facilitates the data management of its platform into a distinct on-chain account, reducing operational costs. This initiative also enables efficient development workflows and enhances digital assets management. Tensor … Continued

Ordz Games Unveils Blockchain-Powered Handheld Device BitBoy

Ordz Games, a startup firm based in Hong Kong, has rolled out BitBoy, a portable gaming device that merges Bitcoin with retro gaming. BitBoy, created by entrepreneur “z3th” of Ordz Games, honors the legendary Nintendo Game Boy of 1989 with its unique transparent orange case. Beyond its old-school design, BitBoy introduces the idea of a … Continued

NFT And Gaming Tokens Aims For Listing On Top Exchanges

As the cryptocurrency markets regain drive, the gaming and non-fungible token sectors are seeing revived excitement. Two tokens in the gaming and NFT sectors, Saga and Tensor, are preparing for listing on prominent crypto exchanges. This major step shows that the gaming and NFT markets are set to make significant advancements once more. Binance, a … Continued

Crypto Gaming Industry Faces Scrutiny From Federal Watchdog

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is monitoring online gaming, particularly financial transactions occurring on game platforms. The agency stated its supervision is part of its comprehensive mandate to safeguard customers in financial markets anywhere those markets are situated. Users Can Exchange A Digital World’s Native Cryptocurrency For Fiat Currency   The CFPB mentioned … Continued

Upland Unveils “Share & Build” Airdrop Series At NFTNYC Conference

Upland, a mobile Web3 metaverse platform, has unveiled the official release of its “Share & Build” airdrop series. This initiative aims to reward players within Upland’s Metaverse as part of its mission to build the largest gaming platform fueled by a digital open economy. Dirk Lueth, co-founder of Upland, unveiled this during the NFTNYC OMA3 … Continued

Notcoin Telegram Game To Make Comeback With Token Launch

Notcoin, a telegram-based cryptocurrency game announced that it garnered approximately 9 trillion taps during its mining period. However, with gameplay presently on hold ahead of the upcoming token debut on the Open Network scheduled for April 20, the tapping has paused for now. Notcoin wants to reintroduce its game following the airdrop and token launch … Continued

Binance Users Break Record With $13 Billion Staked For Saga Gaming Tokens

There is keen interest in the forthcoming token on the Saga layer-1 blockchain network, as it prepares for listing next week. Binance users have set a new record for the highest digital currency staked to receive SAGA token rewards through the cryptocurrency exchange’s Launchpool program. Binance customers have staked over $13.1 billion worth of FDUSD … Continued

Coachella Plans To Unveil NFT Quests Game At Its Music Festival

Coachella, in a strategic collaboration with Ava Labs’s Avalanche, has revealed its plan to launch Coachella Quests, an innovative blockchain-based loyalty game. The game is developed to increase loyalty and engagement among festival-goers. It will be unveiled during this year’s Coachella Music Festival. This plan showcases a new gamification approach, maximizing the potential of Web3 … Continued

Pixel Vault’s ‘BattlePlan’ Set To Integrate With Xai, To Enhance Gaming

Reboot, the cryptocurrency gaming protocol fueling Pixel Vault’s leading game BattlePlan, recently formed a strategic partnership with The Xai Foundation. The purpose of this collaboration is to move the game to the Xai gaming platform on Ethereum. BattlePlan will leverage Xai’s Arbitrum-powered layer-3 technology when moving to the platform in the coming weeks. The game … Continued

NFT Game On Bitcoin Layer-2 Social Network Includes Incentives For ‘Touching Grass’

Bitcoin and its cryptographic proof-of-work mechanism have long been slammed for excessive consumption of energy by environmental supporters. A novel layer-2 staking platform known as Social Network seeks to change this with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) together with an NFT-powered Mobile treasure hunt associated with its mainnet rollout. The Team Wants To Transform Social … Continued

Hychain Games Introduces Hytopia’s Closed Beta

Hychain Games, now called World’s NFT Resorts, has revealed its plan this month to begin a closed beta of Hytopia. Inspired by Minecraft, Hytopia is known as an online multiplayer game. The pronouncement comes after the gaming studio successfully raised $8 million from its node sale. This signifies the development of a solid foundation where … Continued

Ronin Reveals Minting Schedule For Kaidro Spark Suit NFTs

After the first Kaidro Journal no-cost mint on Ronin the previous month, Gadget-Bot Productions has revealed their upcoming NFT drop named the Kaidro Spark Suit. The mint includes two stages: the Public Stage and the Allowlist Stage. The Allowlist phase will begin at 1 PM UTC on the 19 of this month while the Public … Continued

Altura Emerges As Leader In Web3 Gaming And NFT Collectible Industry

Altura, a web3 gaming platform, is establishing dominance in the gaming world. Blockchain gaming is a fascinating collision between metaverse and NFTs, which includes communities and online games built on a blockchain network. In these games, virtual assets are valuable tokens, and even locations within the virtual world can be possessed. These games function properly … Continued

Avalanche NFT Quests Game To Debut At Coachella Music Festival

Festival attendees at this year’s Coachella Music Festival will have the opportunity to earn rewards and upgrades by engaging in a blockchain-powered game known as Coachella Quests. This game was created by the festival’s Coachella Innovations division in collaboration with Ava Labs, the firm that established the Avalanche network. Completing Quests Earns Participants Stamps Coachella … Continued

Nakamoto Games Releases Three New Gaming Titles

Gaming giant Nakamoto Games has announced the launch of three new major games. The latest introduction has set the stage for a thrilling era in the digital entertainment sector. These games DUO, Dawn of the Damned, and GalacticGrail are remarkable examples of quality and innovation. They are developed to provide an exceptional gaming experience for … Continued

Snaky Cat Sets To Offer 900,000 Token Rewards To Players

Animoca Brands and iCandy Interactive are combining to hold a time-limited event for the classic snake-like game Snaky Cat. The new twist to the blockchain game promises more excitement and an immersive gaming experience with lots of in-game token rewards. Users will need to hold 300 $TOWER tokens to be granted access to the game. … Continued

Epic Games Store Adds Wilder World, Expanding Web3 Gaming Reach

Wilder World, a web3 Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), has been introduced on the Epic Games Store before its scheduled debut. The game seeks to merge several game categories into one inclusive experience set in an open-world digital world known as Wiami. The gameplay of Wilder World centers around social interactions, races, and exploration, as players … Continued

CryptoPunks Records Second-Highest NFT Sale In March

CryptoPunks has made another headline as it recorded a $16-million transaction last month. On March 20, a CryptoPunk was bought for 4,850 ETH. The transaction is now the second-largest NFT sale for the collection. There have been several developments within the NFT space lately, as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to surge in price. Al Ghozali … Continued

Pixelmon Chief Executive Officer Places His Faith In Fractionalized NFTs For Its Resurgence

Pixelmon, a Pokémon-inspired crypto project, once labeled the “worst NFT project ever”, is now becoming a fractionalized NFT for its return to prominence. First introduced in February 2021, the project suddenly lost its status for all the wrong reasons, as explained by the current Chief Executive Officer Giulio Xiloyannis. Despite Securing $70 Million In Ether, … Continued

SecondLive Launches on the Blast Mainnet to Commemorate Key Events

SecondLive has announced its launch on the Blast Mainnet. This launch marks a major milestone for SecondLive and the Blast Mainnet as they will give their users access to a wide range of offerings. To mark the significant launch of this protocol on Blast, they have already announced three distinct actions. The project is powered … Continued

Omnisea Announces Integration with Ritual for aiNFT Drops

Omnisea is planning to integrate with Ritual to feature aiNFT Drops in the coming weeks, which will culminate a revolution in the cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) industry. Omnisea is a platform working to boost creativity and innovation. The platform is now working to launch a major integration with Ritual, which is an open and … Continued

Nifty Island’s Ethereum Game Unveils Exciting Speedrun Challenge

Nifty Island, an Ethereum-based blockchain game focused on user-generated content, has unveiled the launch of a two-part speedrunning challenge centered on its latest play mode called “Break the Targets.” This challenge offers NFT rewards for both players and level creators who participate. Nifty Island Aim To Foster Creativity And Engagement Within The Nifty Island Community … Continued

Web3 Game Calls Forth Gold-Seeking FPS Players To 1890s Virtual Alaska

The Web3 gaming ecosystem aims for yet another significant development as it invites FPS players to 1890s digital Alaska for a breathtaking gaming experience. As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, a new public interest in the wider Web3 space is expected. Accounting for the largest set of on-chain activity last year, blockchain gaming could … Continued

Magmic Secures Official MLB License For Idle Tycoon Game

Magmic is a gaming company that created “Idle Pet Paradise,” and “UFC Fight Card Rummy”. The firm has revealed a novel Web3 gaming adventure for browser and mobile, licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB). Magmic made this announcement at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The innovative game is set to be an “idle … Continued

Helika Collaborates to Raise $50 Million For Gaming Accelerator

AI-powered analytics firm, Helika, has launched an accelerator program called Helika Accelerate. According to the announcement, the program will support studios globally for the development of blockchain games. There are no criteria for the distribution of the funds or the selection of the studios, but Helika hinted that the funds will be available to only new studios … Continued

Kreation Verse Introduces TAT Rumble An Anime-Themed Card Battle Game

Kreation Verse, a New Japanese studio spearheaded by game director Karin and Chief Executive Officer Tomoya Ogawa, unveiled its inaugural game named TAT Rumble. The game was introduced at the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The game is based on a martial arts competition where players compete to gain fame, wealth, and … Continued

Parallel’s Sci-Fi NFT Card Game Raises $35 Million In Funding

Parallel, a blockchain sci-fi card game, has raised $35 million in a financing round from many investors. The Fundraising round drew interest from top web3 investors like Spartan Group, Synergis, Big Brain Holdings, Solana Ventures, VanEck, and Distributed Global, among others. Notable angel backers in the round comprised Gabusch, Loopifyyy, Dingaling, and Rajgokal. Parallel Intends … Continued

Web3 Game Transports Players To Digital Alaska’s Gold Rush Era

Alaska Gold Rush (AGR) is a multiple-product blockchain project created by Baked Games, a self-publishing game developer that has been in the industry for 10 years. It wants to merge blockchain technology with traditional gaming and exciting game lore. As the crypto market becomes more active, with Bitcoin at its former all-time high, a renewed … Continued

Illuvium Concludes Latest $12 Million Series A Funding Round

Illuvium, an Ethereum-based game studio, has just completed its latest round of funding, receiving a significant $12 million in contributions. The funding round has boosted its aim to expand blockchain gaming. This major financial boost signifies a significant moment for Illuvium. The gaming studio is well-known for its commitment to providing innovative user experiences and … Continued

SpaceCatch Sets To Launch Its Highly Anticipated $CATCH Token

SpaceCatch has announced that is getting close to launching the $CATCH token for its augmented reality (AR) game. SpaceCatch announced through its official X account, as it generates excitement among investors and gaming enthusiasts. The Game Has Been Under Development For Nearly Two Years SpaceCatch says it wants to make a serious impact in the … Continued

CGL converts To A Fully On-Chain Game Platform And Web3 Portal

Crypto Gladiator League (CGL) has announced that it has transformed into a completely blockchain-based game platform and web3 game traffic portal. With this move, CGL plans to transform the gaming world, offering players an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. CGL Seeks To Revolutionize The Gaming Industry CGL is a major player in the gaming sector. … Continued