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Since NFTs became the hottest topic in crypto spaces, we have seen a lot of ways to make money through acquisition of these unique tokens. One of such ways can be seen in the popular P2E NFTs.

P2E stands for “play to earn” and as the name implies, it allows you earn NFTs through something as normal and simple as playing a game online. There are many P2E games out there and when you use them to gain NFTs, you could either add them to your collection or easily sell them in exchange for good money in NFT marketplaces.

As you can already tell, it is possible for you to make a huge amount of money playing games via P2E NFTs, so let us take a look at the police and thief NFT, which is one of the most exciting games you can play online to earn NFTs.

What is Police and Thief NFT?

Police and Thief game NFT is an interesting play to earn game from the Avalanche network. It is derived from the Wolf Game NFT on Ethereum, but they are not the same.

The Police and Thief NFT was created with the idea of the best features from the Wolf Game, but some modifications were made, along with other innovative additions to make Police and Thief the amazing game that it has become today.

Police and Thief NFT explained

 After the wolf game got so successful, the Avalanche network decided to apply all the necessary steps required to make another P2E NFT game that will not only surpass the Wolf Game in terms of success, but will also be more fun for players as they gain mouth-watering rewards from playing the Police and Thief game.

Despite being an adaptation of the Wolf Game, Police and Thief is not a direct imitation of it. The Avalanche network has ensured that their unique style is manifested in this brain racking game, which will test a player’s ability to think optimally in order to win the game. The Police and Thief NFT game is quickly growing to be one of the most innovative P2E environments out there.

How does Police and Thief NFT work?

 Police and Thief NFT has a high risk and high reward mode of operation. As a player, you will be required to put your decision making skills to the test as you work your way around the game as #TEAMPOLICE or #TEAMTHIEF.

If you are wondering what those hashtags mean, it is because you don’t know the plot of the Police and Thief game yet, and for you to really understand how it works, you need to know the plot. . . so here it goes:

The plot

A business leader –  Joe Banks, has just made a huge profit from a business deal and they have taken the decision to save this money ($LOOT) for the coming year, where they expect to make even better profits.

But there is a Joe Bank insider who has informed his gang of thieves about this stash of $LOOT and they plan to steal it all. Since they fear the police could make this heist hard for them, the thieves have a choice to either bribe these greedy officers and give them a share of the $LOOT in order for the authorities to turn a blind eye, or simply take the risk of carrying out the robbery with the police on their trail.

If the thieves decide to work with these corrupt officers, they will only look the other way while the heist is ongoing inside the Joe Bank, as soon as the thieves are out, the police will chase and arrest them despite the bribe. But if these thieves go ahead with their plan without bribing the police, the heist would be nearly impossible to carry out, but they get to keep all the $LOOT.

The game

When you mint, there is a 90 percent chance that you will get a thief and a 10 percent chance of getting a police.

When you play as a thief, you stake to gain $LOOT worth 10,000 per day and you must bribe the police whenever you harvest a $LOOT. Your first set of NFTs will cost you 2 AVAX for a mint, as for the next 40,000 NFTs, you can only buy them with your $LOOT.

What will it be? The choice is actually yours because whether you are #TEAMPOLICE or #TEAMTHIEF, you need to start making good decisions from this early stage as failure to do so will make the other team win.

At the end of the game, your winnings can be sold in exchange for cash in your favourite NFT marketplace. In this regard, many people are selling their police and thief NFT earnings on OpenSea.

How to play police and Thief NFT

There are three stages in this game; the minting stage, staking stage, and the vault stage (or money laundering).

 First off, you start by minting your thief or police.

You can do this by purchasing $LOOT tokens, which you can get from NFT marketplaces. The price of $LOOT keeps getting higher as more people know about the game, so you should start minting now to avoid spending more money.

When you buy 10,000 $LOOT, you are randomly given a police or thief –  you don’t get to choose.

If you get a thief, you can rob the bank (stake it), claim your LOOT (harvest it), or unstake it by leaving the bank.

When you stake, you can make up to 240 dollars in a day. When you harvest, 20 percent of your #LOOT goes to the police, while the remaining 80 percent is for you. In the event that you decide to leave the bank (unstake), it becomes a 50-50 situation – you could either gain all 10,000 of your #LOOT or lose them all.

If you lose all your 10,000 #LOOT, it will get distributed to the police. This is one of the cases where having a police pays more than having a thief. It is risky and equally rewarding, you just need to think properly about the best move to make.

If you get a police, then you got something that is quite rare, since only 10 percent of players ever get a police. What you will enjoy when playing as a police is that they have a very high Alpha rating.

It is important to remember that a high Alpha rating will increase the portion of $LOOT that you can earn from bribes as a police player. To be clear, any time a thief claims a $LOOT, 20 percent of that value goes to the police, so if your Alpha rating is high, you will get a higher value from that 20%, which means more NFTs for you to trade and make huge returns from.

As a police with a high Alpha rating, you can also easily steal a newly minted police or thief. Whenever they lose their $LOOT, it comes to you. You can gain a lot from being a police because of these freebies, so if you want to play early, try to get a police.

For the money laundering part, it has to do with the way you handle all the $LOOT you have gained from playing as a police or thief. What do you do with all that token? Well, there are different options.

You can choose to sell your $LOOT for AVAX tokens at an NFT marketplace or you can stake it back into the police and thief game. When you stake it with the ALABS cartel, your $LOOT will be laundered and you will receive earnings in the form of various currencies. When you launder your $LOOT, keep in mind that it is very safe and no one can steal it from you.

As you can see, this video game NFT is as exciting as it is rewarding. Your good thinking, fast decision making abilities, timely staking, and a touch of luck will earn you so much money from the police and thief game NFT.

How to buy Police and Thief NFT

Now that you know it is impossible to play this game without buying the tokens, we will see the steps needed to start purchasing them. Here is how to buy crypto on eToro:

Step one: set up your account on eToro

 This is a very easy thing to do, it is just like setting up a regular social media account. Go to the eToro website, enter the required information, and you are good to go.

Step two: verify your eToro account and fund it

After setting up your account via step one, you will be required to verify your identity on eToro. To get verified, you will need to provide a valid identity card and eToro will have you verified in a matter of minutes. As soon as this is done, you can start using it for business immediately you fund it.

There are many ways to fund your eToro account, you can use your credit or debit card, an e-wallet or the traditional bank transfer methods.

Step three: buy Ethereum

You can use the funds in your eToro account to buy ethereum. All you need to do is locate the search bar and type “Ethereum” into it. After doing this, select and highlight the amount of Ethereum you would like to buy. Automatically, it will be added to your account and you can use it to buy any NFT you like, including $LOOT.

Step four: link your wallet to OpenSea

 Through WalletConnect, you can link your personal digital wallet to OpenSea, which allows you to purchase NFTs like the $LOOT you need for a police and thief game.

To link your wallet, go to the OpenSea website and click on the top-right button. You will see the WalletConnect option, click on it and enter your wallet address. As soon as you do this, your eToro will be connected to OpenSea and you can start buying your tokens.

Police and thief NFT price prediction

As the game gets more popular, the price will definitely grow, which is why you should get involved now that the price is still friendly. From 2022 to 2025, experts have predicted that the future of police and thief games will follow the pattern of bitcoin.

As at march 2022, the price of $LOOT is $0.0001019. By this time in 2023, one $LOOT will be worth $0.00037. If the growth of police and thief game truly follows the pattern of bitcoin as experts have predicted, then we will see the price of $LOOT grow to $0.00134 and $0.00485 in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

Is police and thief NFT a scam?

In the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs, you will find the good, the bad and the ugly. The good news is that there are many good P2E games out there and police and thief NFT happens to be one of the most authentic games you will find in the world today.

This game is safe, fun, tasking, and can earn you a lot of money when played with skill and focus. It is not a scam in any way.

Police and theft NFT review

Obviously, a lot has been invested into this play to earn game so that the players can have as muchfun as they can earn NFTs, which translate into a wealthy collection or good cash in the bank.

The fact that it was inspired by the success of Wolf Game, also confirms that the future of this P2E is very bright and will be the best in the Avalanche network. So if you are still wondering whether you should start investing into this project or not, you are already missing out on starting early.

Police and thief NFT game has all the qualities of a solid NFT and is here to stay. Indeed,  it is worth every cent and time you spend on it.