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Pi Bridge set to release the Reverse Auction game

i Bridge, an all-in-one financial platform linking the Pi Network with other blockchains, is aggressively expanding its ecosystem. Pi Bridge is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that could emerge as a leading platform in the industry because of its recent expansion to the Web3 gaming space. Pi Bridge plans to release a new game Pi … Continued

NFT horse racing game Derby Stars integrates Chainlink VRF

Derby Stars, a non-fungible token (NFT) racing metaverse game, has announced the integration of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). The game will run on the Ethereum mainnet and work towards randomizing horse breeding. Derby Stars integrates Chainlink VRF The popularity of the NFT space has spanned multiple industries, and horse racing is among the industries … Continued

Web3 studio Overlord partners with game studio Revolving Games

Overlord, a Web3 gaming project, has announced a partnership deal with gaming studio Revolving Games. The latter is a project backed by the co-founder of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser. The partnership deal is aimed at helping Overlord develop a sci-fi video game. Overlord partners with Revolving Games The video game created through this partnership deal … Continued

Immutable Games partners with three premier studios for quality Web3 games

Immutable Games has announced partnership deals with three leading premier studios. The partnership will revolve around expanding the high-quality Web3 games on the Immutable blockchain. Immutable Games partners with three premier studios Immutable Games has partnered with three studios: Bazooka Tango, Bit Fry Games Studios, and Studio 369. The three premier studios will join the … Continued

CryptoBlades wins the seventh round of the Cronos Ecosystem Grants

CryptoBlades, a play-to-earn gaming project, emerged as the winner of a Cronos Ecosystem Grant. Besides winning this reward, the project will expand to the Cronos ecosystem during the second quarter of 2023. CryptoBlades wins Cronos ecosystem grant The Cronos EVM-compatible blockchain recently completed the seventh round of the Cronos Ecosystem Grants. This round featured six … Continued

ASTROON set to release its first mobile game known as Astroon Fall

ASTROON, a crypto project that has integrated multiple offerings, has released its first mobile game. ASTROON is a platform seeking to provide an innovative experience to crypto enthusiasts. It combines animated films, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and a utility token that delivers users an immersive and interactive entertainment experience. ASTROON crypto project ASTROON is an NFT … Continued

Le Bristol hotel in Paris ventures into the NFT space

Le Bristol, one of the top five-star hotels in Paris, is venturing into the non-fungible token (NFT) sector. The move marks another significant adoption for NFTs as these digital collectibles gain adoption across many sectors. Le Bristol ventures into NFTs The NFT project by Le Bristol will be a multi-phase one, meaning that it will … Continued

Cross-chain NFT platform Magic Eden launches Magic Eden Games

Magic Eden, one of the leading cross-chain non-fungible platforms (NFTs), has launched Magic Eden Games. The latter is a platform that Web3 game developers will use to expand their player base and their communities. Magic Eden launches Magic Eden Games Magic Eden is one of the top players in the NFT industry, and it is … Continued

PlayMining explores NFT use in product placement

PlayMining, one of the leading Web3 gaming companies, is giving a new way for companies to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). PlayMining is exploring bringing the $23 billion product placement industry into the NFT space and driving innovation. PlayMining to use in-game NFTs for advertising Product placement is popular in entertainment, especially in films and TV … Continued

Andreessen Horowitz leads $40M funding round for CCP Games

CCP Games has secured $40 million in a funding round led by VC giant Andreessen Horowitz. CCP Games is the creator of EVE Online, and the funding will go towards supporting the development of a new AAA title that has integrated blockchain technology. CCP Games raises $40M Eve Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game … Continued

Sony files an NFT patent to bring interoperability to NFTs

Sony Interactive Entertainment, a leading player in gaming consoles, has filed another patent related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The new patent aims at making NFTs transferrable between games and consoles. Sony files patent to make NFTs transferrable The patent filing shows Sony exploring boosting interoperability within the NFT industry. The patent will allow players using … Continued

Gaming giant Nexon to create a Web3 game on Polygon

Nexon, one of Asia’s leading gaming publishers, will release a Web3 game on Polygon. The game will be based on the MapleStory Universe. The company is also releasing a private Supernet on the Polygon network. Nexon to create a Web3 game MapleStory has been one of the greatest products launched by Nexon. It is a … Continued

Coinsilium’s new multiverse NFT standard approved on Ethereum

Coinsilium Group Ltd has informed investors that a new “multiverse” non-fungible token (NFT) standard known as ERC-5606 has been approved on the Ethereum blockchain. This standard was created in a project backed by the Coinsilium Group. New ERC-5606 NFT standard approved on Ethereum According to an official statement from the company, this NFT standard contributes … Continued

Polygon partners with Immutable for zkEVM Ethereum gaming network

Polygon has partnered with Immutable to create a network targeting the Web3 gaming industry. This network will be powered by the Polygon zkEVM technology. The “strategic alliance” will see the creation of Immutable zkEVM. Polygon partners with Immutable for zkEVM This partnership comes amid the beginning of the annual Game Developer Conference (GDC). Polygon’s zkEVM … Continued

Playboy Enterprises loses $4.9 million on its Ethereum-based NFT project

Playboy Enterprises has lost around $4.9 million on its Ethereum-based NFT project. The company losses could be attributed to the plummeting value of Ethereum. Playboy’s entry into the crypto industry was hailed as a bold and innovative move by the company, but the project has not achieved the success that the company envisioned. Playboy loses … Continued

Avalanche reports increased development activity amid interest from game developers

The growth of the Avalanche ecosystem has been sporadic since the beginning of this year. The network’s growth has been attributed to increased development activity as interest from game developers mounts. Avalanche network sees increased development activity Avalanche is a layer-two blockchain that has grown in popularity over the past year. However, it seems the … Continued

Virtua Fighter co-creator partners with NFT firm or Virtua series NFTs

The co-creator of Virtua Fighter, Yu Suzuki, has announced a partnership with a non-fungible token (NFT) firm known as OASYX. Through this partnership, Suzuki plans to create 1000 Virtua Fighter NFTs. Virtua Fighter to work with NFT firm A report by VGC said that these NFTs would set the ground for future metaverse avatars. Additionally, … Continued

Yuga Labs reports massive success in its latest NFT collection

Yuga Labs, one of the largest players in the non-fungible token (NFT) sector, is making headlines following the success of its latest NFT collection. Yuga Labs is behind leading NFT titles such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks. Yuga Labs records success on its latest NFT collection Yuga Labs is a popular … Continued

New NFT project Dogetti seeks to adopt robust fundamentals

Dogetti is the latest meme coin project in the sector, and its presale is live. Dogetti seeks to ensure users have control of the protocol and ensure it remains relevant within the fast-evolving cryptocurrency industry. With Dogetti, users will have a chance to explore art through blockchain. Growth of the NFT and metaverse spaces The … Continued

Sony continues exploring NFT offerings with a new patent

Sony is exploring the use case for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the gaming industry. The company has filed a new patent application that describes a cross-platform framework to create and manage NFTs. Sony to explore NFT offerings The patent revolves around linking these NFTs to several in-game achievements. The interest of Sony in this technology … Continued

Web3 fighting game Blockchain Brawlers reveals details of highly-anticipated event

Web3 fighting game Blockchain Brawlers has revealed the details of its highly anticipated event. The event went live on March 15, and it has been attracting much interest from the blockchain gaming community. The event is known as the March Brawlers eSports Series Tournament (B.E.S.T). Blockchain Brawlers unveils details of highly anticipated event The event … Continued

Mystic Moose to transform static NFTs into real-time 3D models

Mystic Moose, a gaming studio, has unveiled a new offering where people can convert their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into real-time 3D models. Mystic Moose is one of the largest players in the NFT space, and the studio is behind some of the leading projects in the sector, such as Planet Mojo and Mojo Melee. Mystic … Continued

Limit Break acquires FreeNFT to grow its NFT ecosystem

Limit Break, a blockchain-based gaming company and one of the leading players in the free-to-own online gaming sector, has announced the acquisition of FreeNFT. The latter is a non-fungible token (NFT) company targeting collectors in California. The acquisition deal is slated to close by the end of this month. Limit Break to acquire FreeNFT According … Continued

FBI issues an alert of mobile game scams involving cryptocurrencies

The play-to-earn (P2E) gaming sector has become popular in recent years. The popularity has led to some of the largest video game publishers announcing plans to integrate NFTs. However, this sector’s growing size and popularity have attracted scammers and hackers exploiting unsuspecting victims. FBI issues an alert on mobile game scams According to the Federal … Continued

First Light Games aims to boost the mainstream adoption of NFT games

The co-founder of First Light Games, Anil Das-Gupta, has revealed the company’s plans to bring blockchain games to the mainstream world. Gupta is planning to do this by promoting innovative mobile gaming experiences. First Light Games to boost mainstream adoption of NFT games First Light Games is a platform that Das-Gupta and Neil MacFarland co-founded. … Continued

Share VPN Rates – The biggest launch of the century

Express vpn prices happen to be among the cheapest in the industry. This is certainly thanks to the extensive storage space network and commitment to privacy. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee to new customers and also accept repayments via credit cards, PayPal (in certain regions), prepaid cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, $nickname ist gerade … Continued

Antivirus security software Review – What to Look For

Getting the Correct Antivirus for Your Device A good antivirus should certainly protect your personal computer and mobile devices coming from viruses, spy ware and other destructive software. It will also monitor your internet utilization, alert you to suspicious websites and prevent you right from downloading vicious files. It is very important to understand that … Continued

Fortnite developer Epic Games says there is interest in crypto games

There is still much enthusiasm for blockchain games despite the opposition from a section of traditional gamers and game publishers. The developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, says that people are interested in the crypto-based games within its stores. The general manager at Epic Store, Steve Allison, noted that sometimes, people played these games. Epic Games … Continued

Square Enix reveals its NFT game will have 10,000 characters

At the beginning of the year, Square Enix had announced that it would be doubling down on its blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) gaming plans. The game publisher has now announced that its highly-anticipated NFT game known as Symbiogenesis will have 10,000 characters featuring unique designs. Square Enix says NFT game will have 10,000 characters … Continued

Social media giant Meta halts NFT support amid poor reception

Social media giant Meta has announced that it will wind down support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company said it was currently focused on priority areas and would explore more avenues to support businesses, people, and creators. Meta winds down support for NFTs The head of Commerce and FinTech at Meta, Stephane Kasriel, tweeted about … Continued

Pokemon is venturing into NFTs with a new job listing

The Pokémon Company International (TPCi) has created a new job listing showing the company’s interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company has advertised a new job listing for a Corporate Development Principal, with part of the job requirement being knowledge of Web3 technologies such as blockchain. Pokémon is venturing into NFTs The listing appeared on … Continued

Brazil-based startup Jungle raises $6M in a seed funding round

Over the past year, investor interest in the Web3 gaming industry has remained notably high despite the bear market and negative events that have rocked the broader cryptocurrency industry. Jungle, a blockchain gaming startup based in Brazil, recently raised $6 million in a seed funding round. Jungle raises $6M in a seed funding round The … Continued

Datarooms in India

India is a largest marketplace in the world intended for secure digital data room services. Their online current market is growing quickly and contains a huge with regard to VDR methods to help corporations share crucial documents around their organization. With India’s Digital India initiative, the market for all those services is set to increase … Continued

Producing a Plank Resolution

Board promises are legal documents that record the decisions made by a company’s board of directors. They will provide a level of protection with respect to directors should certainly any actions taken by these people become challenged inside the courts or by simply stakeholders. When ever writing a board image resolution, you should earliest identify … Continued

HedgeUp plans to transform crypto with robust fundamentals

The cryptocurrency market is trading in the green zone after an over 8% gain in total market capitalization in the last 24 hours. Crypto investors are looking for the best projects they can invest in for maximum returns. One of the projects that stands out is HedgeUp (HDUP). HedgeUp seeks to transform crypto The HedgeUp … Continued

Singapore’s Gambling Regulatory Authority to crack down on the use of crypto assets

The Gambling Regulatory Authority has announced that it does not have plans to legalize crypto use within the gaming industry. The regulatory body is currently exploring how cryptocurrencies can be used in the video gaming and social gaming industry. Singapore regulator to crack down on crypto usage The Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) is the new … Continued

Coinbase Wallet introduces quests on Optimism

Coinbase Wallet has launched its first quest on the Optimism scaling network. Those who participate in these quests can earn onchain cryptocurrencies when they learn about Web3. Participants will also be tasked with delegating, staking, and swapping. Coinbase launches quests on Optimism The Coinbase exchange, in partnership with Optimism, has launched this program. It is … Continued

Table Meeting Management Software

Board conference management software is a safeguarded, online centre that plank administrators and directors value to organize and manage get togethers, gain access to materials, communicate with each other, and perform their governance responsibilities. Crucial Features & Benefits Paperless Board Gatherings: With panel portals, administrators can run paperless gatherings without needing to circulate or shop … Continued

Electric Reporting and Medical Problem Reporting

Electronic reporting is a tool that makes it easy to create and maintain formats for internal and external reports. Its data model is certainly defined running a business terms www.internet-money-center.com and the setup is easy to use, and never having to hire a developer. IM supports several scenarios and formats, which includes text, XML, OpenXML … Continued

Improvement Document Management With an Online Data Room

Streamlining Document Management with a web based Data Room Digital data rooms have become a global solution with respect to storing and sharing private information. They are ideal for M&A homework, legal transactions, and other business techniques involving delicate documents. Using an online info room reduces the need to maintain physical paperwork at all times, … Continued

Avast Password Off shoot For Silver

Avast security password extension for the purpose of chrome is one of the most convenient solutions to store and retrieve your passwords. It’s also a good way to keep the online accounts protected, and it’s appropriate for both Opera and Opera. The Avast Passwords Manager is available since a totally free download through the Avast … Continued

Avast Anti Malware Review

Avast anti virus is a fantastic security suite that gives a range of features and tools to guard your computer. It includes a firewall that can block out internet traffic from probably malicious websites and apps, and a sandbox feature that isolates unknown data in a secure environment prior to they’re in order to run … Continued

Finest Black Market Apps With respect to Android

Best Dark-colored Market Software for Android The dark market is an excellent place to down load free of charge and broken software for your system. These applications typically do not need a Google bill and are secure and virus-free. They also are available in a variety of forms, from software program installers to program discovery … Continued

Cybersecurity firm Akamai mitigates one of the largest DDoS attacks against a customer

A record number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have targeted individuals and institutions across Europe, Asia, and the United States. The threat actors behind these attacks have evolved, using sophisticated tools and strategies to compromise victims. Akamai mitigates one of the largest DDoS attacks Akamai mitigated the largest attack ever targeting one of its customers … Continued

DigiToads aims to revolutionize blockchain-based gaming with next-gen P2E games

Play-To-Earn games have started emerging fairly recently, as it has only been about two years since they came under the spotlight. Since then, these games have rapidly evolved, similarly to other blockchain products that suddenly captured the attention of the global crypto and development communities. Of course, despite rapid development, these games are still in … Continued