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Web3 Gaming Summit Attracts Developers, Investors And Top Industry Figures

The Web3 Gaming Summit held in early September sought to provide clear guidelines on the future of Web3 gaming. The event attracted developers, investors, and leading figures across the Web3 gaming sector. The Summit happened from September 11 to 12, with the co-organizers being the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA) and DeGame. The Summit garnered … Continued

Pudgy Penguins NFTs Set To Enter 2000 Walmart Stores

Non-fungible tokens are still evolving and securing new use cases despite recent research showing that 95% of NFT projects have lost value. NFTs make it easier for people to access digital art through profile pictures, gaming items, etc. These assets are now finding new use cases in the real world, with the Pudgy Penguins NFT … Continued

Shaquille O’Neal Faces A Lawsuit Over Astrals NFT Project

Shaquille O’Neal is being sued for alleged involvement in the Astrals non-fungible token (NFT) project. The lawsuit claims that O’Neal violated securities laws by participating in the project. Shaquille O’Neal Faces Lawsuit Over Involvement In Solana NFT Project The managing partner at the law firm representing the plaintiffs, Adam Moskowitz, said the filing represented a … Continued

Play-To-Earn Game Snook Launches On The Arbitrum Blockchain

Snook, a multiplayer game with NFT game characters, has outlined a plan to launch on the Arbitrum blockchain. The initiative seeks to expand Snook’s audience while allowing players to use USD Coin (USDC) besides the native $SNK token. Snook has launched a new concept where the player adopts an in-game character as a non-fungible token … Continued

ERC-6551 Token Standard Makes It Easy For Beginners To Join The Web3 Industry

One of the main hindrances to adopting cryptocurrencies, blockchain games, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is the complexity of creating wallets. The concept of seed phrases can be challenging for beginners to grasp. Developers across the crypto space have been seeking ways to make the process easier for beginners. Some are now creating infrastructure to support … Continued

Upcoming opBNB project MEKE conducts an airdrop ahead of mainnet launch

MEKE, a new project on opBNB, is about to see launch on opBNB and to celebrate it and attract attention, the project recently conducted an airdrop. opBNB is a high-performance L2 product that provides an underlying platform for blockchain apps. This can include anything from Web3 games, social communication, DeFi protocols, and more. As for … Continued

Valentino Rossi-led VR46 metaverse reveals partnerships with Gravitaslabs and Animoca Brands

VR46 Metaverse revealed this Tuesday, September 26, that it entered into a partnership with Animoca Brands and Gravitaslabs. VR46 Metaverse is a project led by Valentino Rossi, a nine-time MotoGP world champion who now intends to build ValeVerse with the help of new partners. According to the announcement, this will be a unique Web3 experience … Continued

Blowfish Studios To Launch PHANTOM GALAXIES With NFT Features

Blowfish Studios, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, will release its robotic space era, PHANTOM GALAXIES. The game will be released on November 2, 2023. The game will also have a free-to-play version that can also be accessed on its website. It will also be available on the Epic Games Store, and a non-Web3 version will … Continued

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard’s Acquisition Gets Approval From UK Regulator

Tech giant Microsoft has finally received regulatory approval from UK regulators to acquire Activision Blizzard. Microsoft announced its intent to purchase Microsoft in January last year. The acquisition is priced at $69 billion, allowing the tech giant to expand its presence across the gaming industry. Activision is a leading global video game developer. Microsoft Inches … Continued

French Soccer Giant PSG To Launch NFTs To Boost Fan Engagement

French soccer giant Paris Saint-German (PSG) FC has announced a deal with Crypto.com. The deal involves releasing an NFT version match generated via artificial intelligence. PSG and cryptocurrency exchange platform Crypto.com have ventured into the AI industry to release a collection of NFT match posters. A popular artist, Benjamin Benichou, has created these NFT collectibles. … Continued

New P2E Gaming Project Kangamoon Launches Presale

The play-to-earn (P2E) gaming industry has evolved significantly over the years and is poised for more growth. This growth continues attracting new industry players, such as Kangamoon. Kangamoon is a new P2E gaming project in the market. This P2E game allows players to generate income while ensuring they are having fun. Kangamoon seeks to solve … Continued

NHN Corp Works With Mysten Labs To Support Web3 Games

NHN Corporation, one of the leading social casino gaming companies developers across the APAC region, has planned to shift to the Web3 gaming industry. The company has partnered with Mysten Labs to create games atop the Sui blockchain. NHN Corporation is a gaming company based in Korea, and it will leverage the offerings of layer … Continued

Data Ownership Protocol To Conceal Blockchain Data To Promote Privacy

Crypto transactions are transparent as the data is stored on the blockchain where everyone can see it. The privacy cost is a challenge to those seeking to keep their transactions anonymous. The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) is a protocol seeking to safeguard user information. The protocol has been created on the Ethereum blockchain, and it … Continued

SpaceCatch Ventures Into AR Mobile Gaming To Extend Gaming Offerings

The mobile gaming industry is changing with the adoption of augmented reality (AR) technology. SpaceCatch is the new entrant in the industry, and it is now competing against popular platforms such as Pokémon GO. Gaming technology has evolved significantly, with Pokémon GO being among the early AR mobile gaming sector entrants. However, the entry of … Continued

Xsolla Announces The Acquisition Of AcceleratXR To Optimize Gaming Experiences

Video game commerce firm Xsolla has announced the strategic acquisition of AcceleratXR. The latter offers in-game server backend technology for live service games and software. AcceleratXR will provide robust scalability and deliver experiences through several devices and platforms. It operates like an optimized system to enable modern interactive digital experiences. Xsolla Acquires AcceleratXR The technology … Continued

Enjin And Crypto APIs To Make User On-Chain Data More Accessible

Enjin has announced a partnership with Crypto APIs to make the on-chain data of users more available. The partnership will deliver the necessary infrastructural support to users using a partnership with Crypto APIs. Enjin is one of the largest wallet providers globally as over 3.6 million users use it. These uses are set to benefit … Continued

Banxa And Animoca Brands To Ease The NFT Purchase Process For AFL Fans

Banxa has partnered with AFL Mint and Be to simplify the process of purchasing digital collectibles by fans of the Australian Football League. AFL Mint and Be is backed by Web3 giant Animoca Brands, The initial pilot phase for the project will generate the potential to integrate the infrastructure offered by Banxa into the portfolio … Continued

Minecraft’s Developer Asks Satlantis To Remove Play-To-Earn Features

Minecraft developer Mojang Studios has asked Satlantis to pull down its play-to-earn feature. The game has already complied with the demand and removed the feature. The development follows Minecraft’s negative stance on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Minecraft has already announced its intent to ban NFTs, claiming they create an unequal gaming environment. Mojang Asks Satlantis To … Continued

WAGMI Games Unveils Founder’s Packs NFTs To Boost Gaming Interactions

WAGMI Games, a leading on-chain entertainment platform, has released the Founder’s Packs non-fungible token (NFT) collection on the OpenSea marketplace. These NFTs will bolster interactions on the company’s first mobile game, WAGMI Defense. WAGMI Games has partnered with Gadget-Bot for this offering. Gadget-Bot has a solid presence in the gaming industry, having worked on top … Continued

Video Games Voice Actors Headed For A Strike If Ongoing Negotiations Fail

If negotiations with video game publishers fail, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) could strike. Under the ongoing negotiations, voice actors and motion capture game performers seek favorable new contracts. Video Game Voice Actors Headed For A Possible Strike The voting process authorizing a strike saw the participation of only around 27% of eligible voters. 98% … Continued

WAGMI Games’ Founder’s Packs To Go Live On OpenSea

WAGMI Games, a mobile Web3 gaming franchise, has announced the release of the highly anticipated Founder’s Packs. The company will roll out this feature. In an exciting development around this matter, WAGMI Games has said that the Founder’s Packs will be released on one of the leading NFT marketplaces, OpenSea. WAGMI Games To Launch Founder’s … Continued

ERA Games Rolls Out New Features And Gameplay For Web3 Game

ERA Games, an innovative non-fungible token (NFT) game created by Metaera, has revealed several unique features to improve the gaming experience. Metaera is structuring its game such that it not only allows players to generate passive income but also allows them to have a fun experience. To achieve this, ERA Games has partnered with several … Continued

Moonton Games To Give Away Lesley Elite Skin In Limited Time Event

Moonton Games has revealed an exciting event where players can access the popular Lesley Elite skin, General Rosa. The event will run for a limited time from September 23 to October 2. Mobile Legends enthusiasts will have a unique chance to get exclusive skin in this event. Moonton will be giving this skin at zero … Continued

New Card Game Dark 2 Light Integrates Bitcoin Micropayments

Dark 2 Light, a tabletop party game, is gathering momentum. The game enables players to expose the thoughts of others without exposing one’s thoughts. The game is playable both physically and virtually and supports Bitcoin micropayments. The creator of Dark 2 Light, Alex Fauvel, recently held an interview saying the game looks similar to Cards … Continued

BingX To Sponsor Upcoming Dubai Future Blockchain Summit

Popular cryptocurrency exchange platform BingX has unveiled a strategic sponsorship for the upcoming Future Blockchain Summit. The latter is an iconic event that will change the Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, gaming, and non-fungible token (NFT) industries. The Future Blockchain Summit will occur from October 15 to 18 at the Dubai Harbour. The summit will attract … Continued

Web3 Gaming Sees Growing Adoption Amid Play-To-Earn Dynamics

The gaming industry is set for massive changes following the increased adoption of blockchain technology and virtual worlds. Web3 has introduced the play-to-earn (P2E) gaming model while propelling the growth of in-game economies to new heights. Play-to-earn has unlocked profitability for both game developers and players. The P2E concept allows players to make money through … Continued

Wemade Unveils New Drops NFT Auction Service On WEMIX PLAY

Wemade, a leading game developer in South Korea, has unveiled the new Drops non-fungible token (NFT) auction service. This service will be available on WEMIX PLAY, the company’s blockchain gaming unit. Wemade is one of the largest industry players in game development. The company is joining other South Korean game developers like Square Enix, who … Continued

Unity Updates Runtime Fees Policies After Backlash From Developers

Game engine creator Unity has revised the controversial Unity Runtime Fee policies revealed last week. The revision comes after game developers used social media to express their anger and frustration. Unity published a blog post detailing the updated guidelines on fee changes. The company’s president, Marc Whitten, apologized to developers for not collecting feedback before … Continued

Hurley Mints NFTs At Zero Gas Fees On Skale

Hurley, a reputable surf and lifestyle brand, is minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Skale network. Hurley had an iconic debut into the NFT industry, having sold out 10,000 Hurley digital collectible NFTs in less than one week. Hurley now mints these digital collectibles at zero gas fees on the Skale blockchain. The brand wants … Continued

CENTRL DD360 – Tech Research

Due diligence application provides computerized document and information review, analysis and info extraction for transactions including M&As, properties deals and capital improves. Additionally, it helps decrease risk through continuous risk monitoring. It is an essential application for M&A processes that need extensive research and complicated research. Technical due diligence, also referred to as software homework, … Continued

Ways to Fix Avast Password Expansion For Chrome Errors

Avast username and password extension with respect to chrome is actually a password supervisor that helps to keep your account specifics synced around multiple units and browsers. It enables you to create sound and exceptional passwords that can’t be seen by internet hackers, additionally it immediately builds and hair your accounts after every session, helping … Continued

Will Windows 13 Need Anti virus?

With cyber threats continuously changing, protecting the body and personal info is of important importance. House windows 11 is normally Microsoft’s latest operating system, and it has received praise for being their most secure does AirVPN work with Netflix yet. However , despite the presence of its built-in security features, many persons still marvel, does … Continued

Big Time Web3 Game Set For Launch After Year-Long Testing Phase

Big Time, a Web3 role-playing adventure game, is set to launch in early October. The launch follows a testing phase that lasted for a year. Big Time plans to deliver a free-to-play experience to its vast community of gamers. However, the game will set itself apart as it will not operate under the same pay-to-win … Continued

BAYC’s Yacht Club Open House Event Set To Happen In Hong Kong

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project will launch the highly-anticipated “Yacht Club Open House” event. The event will attract artists, Web3 fans, and crypto enthusiasts seeking a front-row seat in the NFT world. The event will involve exploring the Yacht Club universe, which is scheduled for November 5, 2023, at the Kai Tak Cruise … Continued

Magic Eden Unveils Support For Compressed NFTs

Magic Eden, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has announced support for Solana compressed NFTs (cNFTs). These NFTs will be more cost-effective and scalable compared to digital collectibles. Compressed NFTs are different from the usual NFTs created on Solana. The data on these digital collectibles is compressed and stored off-chain. As such, the NFTs can … Continued

Minecraft Server Drops Bitcoin Rewards After Demand From Mojang

Satlantis, an independent Minecraft server that offered Bitcoin rewards to players, will end its play-to-earn feature. The creators claim that the changes have been necessitated by a demand from Minecraft’s creator, Mojang Studios. Satlantis revealed the development on a Discord post. The founder of the independent server, David Dineno, said that Mojang had asked the … Continued

NHN Partners With Mysten Labs To Release Web3 Games On Sui

NHN Corporation, the largest developer of social casino games across the APAC region, announced it will be moving into the Web3 gaming industry. NHN Corporation, a technology firm based in Korea, has partnered with Mysten Labs, a layer one blockchain developer, for this offering. Mysten Labs and NHN will be developing blockchain games on the … Continued

Web3 Game Big Time Set To Release Its Player-Owned Economy

Big Time, a Web3 role-playing adventure game, is scheduled to go live in early October. The game will deliver a unique free-to-play experience to its vast community. This game will not contain poorly aligned pay-to-win dynamics often common with other crypto-native games. The creators of Big Time also have a significant presence in the crypto … Continued

Proof Of Play Closes A Major Fundraiser Led By Industry Titans

The gaming industry has evolved significantly over the years, with Web3 technology playing a crucial role. Several developments have highlighted the industry’s growth, including the recent fundraising venture by Proof of Play. Blockchain technology is increasingly being used across multiple industries. However, the implications of this technology on gaming have been iconic, with Proof of … Continued

France Lawmakers Discuss A Legal Framework For Web3 Games And NFTs

French lawmakers are discussing the possibility of creating a legal framework for games that use Web3 technology. The Senate approved the “SREN” bill in July, which defines a new legal framework for Web3 games. These games are based on digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and usually leverage the decentralized nature of Web3. The new … Continued

CeluvPlay To Accelerate Growth Through The Chainlink BUILD Program

CeluvPlay has announced that it will be joining the Chainlink BUILD program. As part of this program, CeluvPlay will accelerate the ecosystem’s growth and promote the long-term adoption of NFTs. The offering will promote enhanced access to the industry-leading Oracle services Chainlink offers. It will also offer technical support that will support the initiative. BUILD … Continued

New Report Says NFT Hype Has Faded And Most NFTs Are Now Worthless

A new report by dappGambl says that the hype around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has faded. The majority of these NFTs are now ranked as “worthless”. The research report analyzed over 73,000 NFT collections owned by 23 million investors. The report noted that 95% of these digital assets had a “floor price of zero” Ether. 95% … Continued

Virtual Data Room Benefits

If you are looking for the way to store and share data safely, virtual data rooms are an superb option. They will reduce the number of hard copies built, which is best for our planet’s environment and saves cash on producing costs. In addition, VDRs provide you with robust search functionality that can locate data … Continued

SpaceCatch Enters AR Gaming With New Move-To-Earn Game

SpaceCatch, one of the new crypto projects, has ventured into the Augmented Reality gaming sector using a move-to-earn game. SpaceCatch is a newly launched gaming company that is already garnering much interest. SpaceCatch launched its game recently but has already amassed a vast audience. On September 18, SpaceCatch announced attaining 100,000 followers within a few … Continued