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CAGA Crypto Announces Testnet Release With Gas Fee Integration And NFT Minting

CAGA Crypto, a top Decentralized financial network, rolled out its new testnet. This event introduces advanced features like allowing users to use CAGA tokens as network fees for dealings across many networks. It also revealed the rollout of NFT minting features. CAGA is also hosting various ongoing airdrop programs. These airdrop campaigns will allow members … Continued

Axie Infinity Launches Community Voting via Axie Score

Axie Infinity has introduced the Axie Score and Axie Governance Portal, starting a new time of player involvement in the game’s progress. Now, players can connect their Ronin wallets and stake $AXS tokens. This will allow them to have a direct say in the game’s decisions by voting on important proposals that affect the future … Continued

Eldarune Receives Boost With 50,000 IMX Grant From Immutable Partnership

Eldarune, a blockchain gaming company, has revealed a strategic alliance with Immutable, a renowned blockchain game development platform. As part of the collaboration, Eldarune will be awarded a grant for its leading trading card game, Heroes of Eldarune. The grant, which is worth about 50,000 IMX digital tokens, will be allocated in three phases. The … Continued

Web3 Game BadMad Robots Launches On The Immutable Blockchain

Badman Robots is announcing its debut on the Immutable, a layer-2 blockchain. The 6v6 game wants to offer an adrenalin-fueled gaming experience as it will combine a dynamic esports scene with blockchain functionalities. The game is set in the post-human society of lost machines. There, players can prepare their squads to fight malfunctioning robot gangs … Continued

Magic Square Launches Magic Launchpad To Boost Web3 Fundraising

Magic Square, a top Web3 App shop with a large community of more than 4.5 million users, has introduced Magic Launchpad, an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform. It strives to reshape how emerging projects raise funds and communities expand in the Magic Square environment. Magic Square Boasts Over 1,300 Apps Available On Its Platform Magic … Continued

Param Labs Secures $7 Million Funding Round Led By Animoca Brands

Param Labs, a gaming infrastructure developer, raised $7 million in a “greatly oversubscribed” funding round. The $7 million funding round for the modular gaming ecosystem was led by crypto venture capital company Animoca Brands. Other investment firms that joined include MH Ventures, Double Peak Group, TRGC Capital, Merit Circle, Mechanism Capital, P2 Ventures, Cypher Capital, … Continued

Draftables Sells Out Founder Pass NFT Minutes After Release

Web3 gaming platform Draftables has taken giant strides in crypto gaming. The game announced that it sold out its freebie Founder Pass NFT series within 10 minutes after its release. It shows a growing interest and high demand for web3 gaming projects in the digital landscape. While Draftables is still in development, it has already … Continued

Shib Announces Art Update For Welly Friends NFT Collection

SHIB, a popular DeFi cryptocurrency ecosystem with millions of users globally, has announced a new art update for the Welly Friends NFT collection. This series of unique NFTs supports the well-known Italian fast food and catering chain, Welly. Welly Aims To Inspire The Community To Adopt Healthier Lifestyles Originally made in 2022 to support their … Continued

Backwoods Web3 Game Launches Hero NFTs on Tensor

Tensor, a renowned non-fungible token marketplace developed on the Solana network, has collaborated with Backwoods. The marketplace has become the official launchpad partner of the game. With this latest collaboration, both companies aim to launch a new non-fungible token collection on the Solana ecosystem. This announcement came on May 15, as Tensor confirmed its collaboration … Continued

Oasys Boosts Its Crypto Gaming Market In Japan Via SBINFT Partnership

Oasys, a Gaming-focused blockchain network, wants to cement its position in the NFT world by partnering with SBINFT Market, the leading marketplace in Japan. SBINFT is an NFT trading platform managed by a branch of the Strategic Business Innovation (SBI) Group, a major financial institution located in Tokyo, Japan The Partnership Aims To Boost Development … Continued

Wild Forest Unveils Pre-Release NFT Sale Plans

A web3 strategy game on Ronin, Wild Forest, has announced it will sell NFTs before its global release and the planned distribution of its $WF token. The NFT sale will start with a whitelist at 11:00 UTC, followed by the public sale at 15:00 UTC on May 23. There will be three kinds of packs: … Continued

Pixion Games Applies Major Upgrades In Its PVP Game Fableborne

Pixion Games, the gaming studio behind Fableborne, a player-versus-player combat game powered by web3 technology, has announced its rebranding initiative. The studio agreed within its ecosystem to apply some game changes after receiving feedback from previous test players and after conducting data analysis. The response shows the need for several upgrades in the game to … Continued

Crucible Launches Emergence Marketplace For Trading Of Cross-Chain Game Assets

Crucible, a leading innovator in interactive entertainment and digital realm creation, has rolled out its latest initiative, Emergence Marketplace. ‘ The project is set to launch this summer. It seeks to nurture interoperable environments for collectors, developers, artists, and web3 gamers. The initiative will allow them to utilize their virtual assets, such as avatars and … Continued

Portal Fantasy Introduces Play-To-Airdrop Initiative For The Prologue

Portal Fantasy is an exciting RPG adventure where players journey through an engaging story, facing traps, completing quests, and working with other gamers. After much anticipation, the browser version of the game is getting its most significant content update ever. Portal Fantasy Seeks To Enhance The Gaming Experience For Players These updates, named “Chapters,” will … Continued

Oasys Expands Presence In Japan With Blockchain Collaboration

Blockchain gaming network Oasys is collaborating with SBI Group’s SBINFT Market to expand the crypto gaming space in Japan. The Oasys chain gained interest from traditional video games like Sega, Bandai Namco, and Ubisoft. We’re excited to join forces with the established #NFTmarketplace in Japan, Oasys stated on its official X account. The platform is looking to expand the new … Continued

Tensor Collaborates With Backwoods To Release NFT Collection On Solana

A prominent non-fungible token market platform in the Solana NFT ecosystem, Tensor, has teamed up with a blockchain-based game, Backwoods, as an official launchpad partner. To celebrate this collaboration, the two companies have introduced a new collection of non-fungible tokens on Solana. Tensor Aims To Create A Robust NFT Launchpad In a recent blog post, Tensor announced … Continued

Web3 God Game Apeiron Unveils $1 Million in Prize Pool For Its Gaming Tournament

Web3 god game Apeiron has announced its plans for Apeiron Guild Wars 2024. According to the announcement, the tournament will feature a prize pool of $1 million, which makes it the largest tournament Apeiron has organized. The Apeiron Guild Wars 2024 is starting with early-phase running for the tournament that will last from May 11 to July 2. The team behind the tournament wants … Continued

Web3 Strategy Game Medieval Empires Goes Live With Open Beta Launch

The highly anticipated multiplayer strategy game Medieval Empires, has announced the launch of its Open Beta. The game has a 13th-century medieval setting as it allows players to embark on a journey through modern-day Turkey. It comes with unique blockchain integration, enriching gameplay, and stunning graphics. The developers say the game will offer a unique playing experience, which is set to transform the gaming space. Mid-core … Continued

WASD Studios Takes A Step Into Web3 Gamefi with New Initiative

WASD Studios has disclosed the addition of a new feature to its ecosystem. The Studio is introducing specialized game solutions for other projects via its Games-as-a-Service program. This innovative venture will aid in the growth of the gaming environment. It delivers solutions that address the specific requirements and preferences of communities and individual projects. The Studio Seeks To Offer … Continued

Gamepin Introduces Haliens, A Mobile Game With Profit-Sharing Via Blockchain

A renowned game studio, Gamepin, based Southern California, has recently unveiled its newest venture, Haliens. It is the creation of a state-of-the-art blockchain-based mobile game and intellectual property. According to the developers, the main goal of the project is to transform profit-sharing in the gaming industry. Haliens NFT owners, who participate in buying in-game items, … Continued

Guild of Guardians Tops Chart As A Gaming NFT as Launch Nears

Guild of Guardians is now the highest traded gaming collection across all blockchains, according to NFT data aggregator, CryptoSlam. This comes as the Guild of Guardians is gearing up for its launch on May 15. The gaming NFT’s PFP avatars have surged in the past seven years, reaching an enviable height of $3 million in … Continued

Fantasy Top Adds 40 New Heroes, Sees Surge In Volume

There was a buzz in the cryptocurrency space last week after Fantasy Top had an impressive performance in its volume. The game has also witnessed an increase in player engagement following a huge update. The official Twitter page of Fantasy Top also announced that it will be a very busy week for the team and its fans. The week will include … Continued

Trump Welcomes Mugshot NFT Investors To Mar-a-Lago Dinner Gathering

Crypto fans who own Donald Trump’s “Mugshot” NFTs now have a special opportunity to dine with the Ex-president at his residence in Florida. Many cryptocurrency users conveyed their desire to assemble at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. They complied with the requirements of their transaction agreement for virtual trading cards displaying his mug shot from his submission … Continued

Shiba Eternity, Shiba Inu’s Play-To-Earn Game, Approaches Release

The highly awaited Shiba Eternity, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) collectible card game from the Shiba Inu network, is nearing launch. The marketing lead for Shiba.io, Lucie, has used X to hint at new details concerning the game. Shiba Eternity Is Set For Launch On The Shiba Inu Blockchain, Shibarium Lucie stated that Shiba Eternity will debut … Continued

Get Enlighted On Aave (Aave) Airdrops, Be Ahead In The Cryptocurrency World

Aave $AAVE airdrops are events where free tokens are distributed, especially the Aave $AAVE asset or others related to it. Participants can receive these free tokens directly into their cryptocurrency wallets. This distribution method is like a marketing strategy. It aims to increase the distribution of the token and make it popular across the cryptocurrency … Continued

EFAS Unveils Launch Of Citizenship Passport NFT Mint

A galaxy exploration-based multiplayer online game, Earth From Another Sun (EFAS), is scheduled to roll out its Citizenship Passport NFT mint on May 10. This launch provides gamers the opportunity to acquire an NFT passport to access a variety of in-game features and benefits including point multipliers, in-game bonuses, and exclusive airdrops. It also features … Continued

Frank’s RedHot Makes History With Launch Of Edible NFT

Frank’s RedHot has introduced the word’s inaugural ‘ edible NFT’ utilizing a newly created spoof blockchain termed ‘Bonecoin’. Developed with ‘proof-of-bone’ technology – supporters can exchange pictures of their game-day chicken wing bones to acquire Bonecoins. The Individual With The Most Bonecoins Will Claim The Unique NFT Eli Manning, the renowned NFL quarterback, and ambassador … Continued

Sony Files Patent For NFT Transfers Between Games and Consoles

Gaming console leader Sony Interactive Entertainment is gearing up to enable the easy transfer of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) between different consoles and games. Sony filed the patent last week. It will enable players of Sony products to gain an immersive web3 gaming experience. Players will have the ability to easily transfer in-game assets between Sony’s devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and virtual reality (VR) … Continued

Magic Eden Collaborates With APhone To Offer Its Access Pass

Magic Eden has announced its collaboration with decentralized cloud phone APhone. The token marketplace aims to disburse its Access Pass. Each pass offers users 365 days of access to APhone’s services. There are only 5,000 units of Access Pass available and can be purchased from the marketplace for 0.2 Solana each. APhone Operates With Aethir’s … Continued

Former Atlus Artist Kazuma Kaneko Unveils Project Mask, A New Mobile Game

After leaving Atlus, Kazuma Kaneko, the renowned artist, has now joined COLOPL. As a result, COLOPL’s year-end financial results have disclosed details about the artist’s latest project, an upcoming mobile game dubbed Project Mask. The launch of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is set for June 14, 2024, across multiple platforms including PC, Xbox Series … Continued

Avalanche-Based Shrapnel Game Implements Credit/Debit Card Payment For Shrap Tokens

Shrapnel, the highly awaited first-person extraction shooter centered on Avalanche blockchain assets, has introduced a feature allowing players to buy its SHRAP token using a debit or credit card. It also eliminates a possible obstacle for mainstream gamers unfamiliar with cryptocurrency handling. Avalanche Game Seeks To Create An Inclusive Gaming Experience Until this point, players … Continued

B+J Studios Unveils New Rewards Program On Solana Blockchain

B+J Studios has recently introduced a new rewards campaign for its online game, Cupcake, on the Solana blockchain. The program aims to make the game a fun and engaging way for individuals to get into the world of cryptocurrency. B+J Studios Seek To Provide A User-Friendly Platform Accessible To A Global Audience B+J Studios added … Continued

Twitter Influencers Rewarded with $1.25 Million in NFT Cards by Fantasy Top Game

Fantasy Top, the latest hit game within Crypto Twitter’s community, just disbursed $1.25 million worth of Ethereum to top influencers. These rewards were converted into NFT trading cards for the football-inspired fantasy experience. The game was launched last week on Blast, an Ethereum scaling solution. It enables players to assemble card lineups of their preferred … Continued

Sandbox Co-founder Predicts Prominent Game Studios Will Embrace Web3

The Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, revealed in an interview the challenges faced in mainstream web3 game adoption. Web3 is revolutionizing the gaming industry. It allows players to engage extensively with games through original and decentralized ways. This initiative signifies a massive transition from traditional gaming platforms. Web3 games allow … Continued

Ruby Marketplace Debuts In Heroes of Mavia For NFT Transactions

Service Studios has launched the Ruby Marketplace in its renowned free-to-play Blockchain-powered game, Heroes of Mavia, accessible on Android and iOS platforms. The Ruby Marketplace provides an easy-to-use interface similar to well-known NFT platforms such as Blur and OpenSea. Players can effortlessly monitor price history, check floor prices, and place bids—exclusively using the game’s currency, … Continued

DRIFT Labs Enters Coinstore After Oversubscribing IEO by 250%

DRIFT, the token for DRIFT Labs, was extremely popular, with more than 250% oversubscription during its Coinstore IEO. This generated a lot of excitement as the GameFi studio token prepares for its launch. Following DRIFT Labs’ three presale rounds, the IEO was the last step before the token was introduced on DEXes and Coinstore. The … Continued

Nexon Teams Up With Polygon For MapleStory Universe

Nexon, a gaming studio based in South Korea, is planning to operate a Polygon supernet to enrich the in-game assets of its well-known NFT-based game MapleStory Universe. An exclusive Polygon supernet enables Nexon to adjust a blockchain to fulfill the complex demands of online gaming. Boasting over 180 million registered accounts, MapleStory has cemented its … Continued

Neobox New Dropbox-like App Rolls Out On NeoFS Platform

Neobox recently introduced the soft launch of its Dropbox-like application and has been gradually adding mini-games and other decentralized applications to the platform. Neobox serves as an interface for users to upload and download files from NeoFS, Neo’s blockchain-based storage network. It was established and created by the team that developed Pixudi, the multi-chain NFT … Continued

Leading Gaming Ecosystem, E-PAL, Ventures Into Web3 Gaming

E-PAL, one of the largest gaming ecosystems globally, is venturing into the Web3 gaming sector to tap the benefits of blockchain technology. E-PAL is a gaming ecosystem whose headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California. The platform is now looking to attract more gamers who want to access the benefits that come from Web3 technologies. … Continued

Solana Labs to Bring Web3 Gaming Mainstream with Google Cloud

Solana Labs is bringing the Web3 gaming industry mainstream through a partnership with Google Cloud. Solana Labs and Google Cloud will be launching GameShift as a powerful blockchain gaming platform. This platform will be accessible to those who are using Google Cloud. The partnership between Solana Labs and Google Cloud is set to grow significantly. … Continued

NFT Management Platform NFTBank Unveils NFTBank V2

NFTBank, a non-fungible token (NFT) management platform, has unveiled NFTBank V2 to support the easy management of investment portfolios. Through this new upgrade, NFTBank will now support two blockchain networks, which are Ethereum and Ronin. 🚀 We're thrilled to announce our partnership with @Ronin_Network! 🤝 📈 With NFTBank v2, get accurate valuations and P&L for … Continued

Blur Launches on Ethereum Layer-Two Network, Blast

Blur, one of the largest marketplaces for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has announced its launch on the Ethereum layer-two scaling network, Blast. Blur is a digital NFT marketplace that took the crypto market by storm last year. The platform not only supports NFT trading but also provides advanced analytics. The launch on Blast is set to … Continued

Redstone Mainnet Goes Live To Support Fully On-Chain Games

Redstone, a scaling network based on Ethereum, has launched its mainnet as it seeks to support fully on-chain games and “autonomous worlds.” Redstone already has several early games that are available for play on the platform. It seeks to become the preferred chain by Web3 developers looking to create games. Redstone Gaming Network Mainnet Goes … Continued