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Web3 Gaming Industry Merge Gaming With Blockchain For Real-World Impact

The Web3 gaming sector is finding ways to merge interactive entertainment with blockchain. Bloomverse moves one step ahead and foresees a future where virtual accomplishments can influence real-world social status.

The cryptocurrency market went downhill last year, and despite that, the web3 gaming sector still managed to succeed. In 2023, Blockchain gaming ventures received investments of over $2.9 billion, with over 1.1 million active users every day. Executives in the industry believe that a lot of new players could join the gaming community this year.

The Web3 Gaming Sets To Develop A Robust Economic Model For Web3 Games

The Web3 gaming sector might have been able to draw in capital but it still has to create a maintainable economic model. This is important because current web3 games have faced problems like limited utility for their in-game assets beyond the ecosystem.

Though the Web3 gaming sector is on the brink of innovative growth, games on blockchain still need development.

Web3 gaming requires new perspectives to address the complexities of merging interactive entertainment with blockchain. So, the future generation of Web3 creators should focus on creating ads that don’t disturb gameplay, user-friendly interfaces, robust in-game economy, and an engaging game structure.

Bloomverse is a game built on blockchain technology that incorporates service providers, online stores, and brands, into its essential mechanics. It is aiming to tackle challenges in Web3 gaming by developing a robust ecosystem that combines influencers, NFT markets, and products.

After two years of development, Bloomverse is already partnering with more than ten brands and companies, including top industry like Glych, Solana Labs, and Amazon.

Bloomverse Aims To Enhance Users’ Gaming Experience

Bloomverse  is aiming to redefine game economies and guarantee engagement and sustainability through the knowledge of industry veterans like the ex-economy director of Star Atlas, Steven Sabol, who crafted an advanced token-neutral model

By integrating brands into game mechanics, the advanced model aims to enhance the efficiency of loyalty rewards and in-game advertising. Bloomverse strives to be a game that enables gamers to utilize NFTs and blockchain technology while adapting to the game.

The platform wants to foster gaming experiences by enlisting specialists such as Yu-Kai Chou, the creator and author of Octalysis Prime. Octalysis Prime is a gamification framework that analyzes human motivation via eight key drives, each signifying a fundamental aspect behind people’s actions.

The Bloomverse team is set to launch virtual utility accessories in partnership with an NFT marketplace, Magic Eden. The team is preparing for a seed round in 2024, supported by a collaboration with Amazon.

Furthermore, Alpha gaming events are also planned to be released on the Solana blockchain in the second quarter of the year, following the introduction of the initial batch of player items.

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