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Upcoming Token Launch Fuels Hamster Kombat Pre-Market Trading Surge

Another crypto exchange has started offering Pre-sale trading for Hamster Kombat’s HMSTR token. This provides a new route for traders to engage with the Telegram gaming trend as the token release approaches.

Bybit is the newest platform to enter the scene, allowing trading in-game points before the on-chain token release. HMSTR trades around $0.12 in USDT stablecoin on Bybit’s preliminary trading platform.

Bybit Aims To Assist Users In Converting Their Point Orders Into Token Orders

Hamster Kombat’s team has yet to reveal the rate at which players can convert in-game coins to on-chain tokens. Earlier this year, Telegram’s first tap-to-earn game, Notcoin, offered 1 NOT token for every 1,000 in-game coins earned.

The lack of certainty makes pre-market trading riskier since Hamster Kombat is not guaranteed to distribute tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Bybit announced that the exchange will assist users in converting their point orders to normal token orders as soon as the developers reveal the official conversion rate.

Despite that uncertainty, exchanges still seek to provide pre-sale trading on Hamster Kombat. Bybit joins the ranks of exchanges, including KuCoin, Bitget, and Gate.io, in giving the option; all three kicked off this effort in June.

The date for HMSTR’s spot trading launch is not confirmed, although it is currently available on Bybit Pre-Market Trading. Bybit remarked that while pre-market actions might correspond to market forecasts, certain factors could sway the final listing price. The exchange stressed that the two prices might not have a clear linkage as market conditions drive them.

Hamster Kombat Has Grown, Attracting 238 Million Players

Hamster Kombat is growing and has become a gaming sensation in recent weeks, drawing in 238 million players, according to Pavel Durov, the Chief Executive Officer of Telegram. Durov added that the game is seeing four to five million new users every day on average, which, by his calculation, makes it the fastest-growing online service in existence right now.

The easy crypto exchange simulation, operating in a “mini app” within Telegram, builds on Notcoin’s tap-to-earn idea with several new features.

Gamers flock to the game in large numbers before the token release on The Open Network (TON), which is expected later in July. Hamster Kombat leads the growing list of popular Telegram crypto games, with other notable titles including W-Coin, PixelTap, Catizen, TapSwap, and Yescoin.

Hamster Kombat is making waves globally. Recently, Iranian officials criticized its rising popularity. They argued it was part of a Western “soft war” strategy ahead of their presidential election, enticing Iranians with promises of “easy riches.”

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