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Tony Hawk And Snoop Dog To Launch LAND Sale On The Metaverse Via The Sandbox

Metaverse Game The Sandbox has announced the launch of a three-part LAND sale, in collaboration with several popular brands. The Ethereum-based game will partner with Playboy, Snoop Dog, Tony Hawk, and many others.

As a crypto-powered game, The Sandbox is similar to Minecraft or Roblox. But it makes use of blockchain technology to provide users with ownership of in-game assets through NFTs. Additionally, it allows users to trade virtual land on marketplaces like OpenSea.

1,967 LANDS Will Be Auctioned

According to the announcement, 1,967 LANDS will be offered on auction. These will include 134 premium LANDS, 695 regular LANDS, and 50 estates, as well as 19 1-of-1 pieces of LAND. The sales and auctions will be conducted through the blind ballot system. Popular music star Snoop Dog will be recreating his California mansion in The Sandbox

LAND is an NFT-ified virtual place of real estate that comprises the building blocks of the Sandbox game. The metaverse allows users to buy plots of land, similar to how it works in traditional real estate.

They can use the space and trade on the marketplaces or use it to host experiences. Also, the game is presently valued at 1.19 Ethereum a piece and has a total supply of 166,464 LANDs.

The sale starts on November 24 and opens with the California-themed brands like The Marathon and Playboy. From there, they move to two more thematic launches until January next year. Also, it will be the first time The Sandbox will be collaborating with several brands in a single LAND sale.

Users Need At Least 1,011 SAND Tokens To Participate

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, commented on the development.  “…Users now have the chance to be neighbors of multiple partners that share a similar theme,” he said, adding that it will enable them to select the district they want to live in for a city. Also, the blind ballot allows users to become neighbors of their favorite stars by buying prestigious virtual LAND.

Users can participate in the auction using a minimum of 1,011 SAND tokens in their blockchain wallet (about $526.43). This means the sale will be limited to an asset per user. Borges believes that his approach will democratize the distribution of assets as the platform wants to implement tough entry requirements for sale.

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