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SuperGaming Dispels Rumors About A Possible Web3 Integration

There have been speculations about integrating Web3 technology into Indus, SuperGaming’s upcoming title. However, the game’s developers have addressed the speculation, stating that the firm has not made any announcement regarding the game. The developers said the confusion is coming from misinterpretation from a live session they held recently.

There Are No Immediate Plans To Integrate Web3 into Indus

The Indus developers have stated that the team has yet to make plans to integrate Web3 into the game. They added that any update about the game will be communicated to the community through the platform’s official channels. The goal is to keep everything transparent so that the community members will be carried along as the project expands.

SuperGaming explained that the information about the game’s launch was not a formal declaration but something that came up during a live stream. The developers also noted that they are still exploring emerging technologies but have not concluded on any web3 integration.

The integration was only a proposal submitted by a third party. This reflects the platform’s openness to consider various options before choosing the best choice for the growth of the gaming platform.

While SuperGaming has shared the game’s development timeline, there is still a degree of uncertainty regarding its official release date.

SuperGaming Says It Will Share Any Important Update On Its Official Channels

The second phase of the game’s development revealed a “Chain Partnership,” potentially involving an alliance with a blockchain firm. This timeline phase will feature NFT drops and a marketplace for the gaming community. The events are scheduled for October this year, suggesting a strategic change from the developers.

Although the recent revelation is stirring speculation and excitement within the gaming community, SuperGaming still informs the public that the information is not coming from them. The company insists it will share any significant updates about the project on its various online channels.

In an update shared in a Discord server last week, the timeline indicates the game’s potential future rather than the immediate plans for the game.

The timeline included terms like token launches and NFT airdrops, which are plans for the game’s future growth.

With such revelations, there appears to be a miscorrelation about the game’s initial launch plans. In 2022, SuperGaming asserted that Indus would not be a web3 game. However, with the growth of blockchain and the web3 ecosystem, developers may likely include web3 items in the game.

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