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Square Enix is enthusiastic about entering the NFT world and partners with Oasys

Unlike many other video game makers who chose to publicly state their forays through the jpeg-filled universe of the NFTs, Square Enix has only increased their commitment. Chairman Yosuke Matsuda decided to write about his involvement in the public ledger and how it would play a role in the company’s future in a joyous new year’s message. Regardless of the controversy, Square stood firm, selling Minifigure NFTs mostly on Square Enix’s Store for approximately $129.99.

Nevertheless, it does not stop here at all. It was revealed recently that the company has formally teamed up with Oasys, some virtual currency business with unusual spellings, like an original node validator.

According to the press statement, as a critical component of this effort, Oasys and Square Enix will investigate the viability of leveraging consumers’ share in the progress and launch of new video games mostly on Oasys’ blockchain technology. This is consistent with Matsuda’s cringe natural reaction to contributing through play. Square prefers the concept of multiple creatives making a contribution to a video game and being compensated for it. He likely did not realize that numerous NFT video games are not only scams but also appear to have been created by some bored orangutans.

Famous people within the team

Yosuke Saito, general manager of Square Enix’s crypto entertainment branch, stated that they are enthusiastic about collaborating on this endeavor with the Oasys group and other video game industry members. Their collective exuberance for Web3 video games causes this to be a promising collaboration. They are excited to gain knowledge that will assist them in creating all-new gameplay experiences for video game players worldwide.

If Yosuke Saito’s name feels familiar, that’s because he collaborated as a developer on the infamous Nier video games. Given how successful those titles have mostly been, it might be a shame that 2B would have to continue killing 9S if he discovered that NFTs might be copied and pasted.

At the very least, it’s not nearly as harmful as the individual who proposed that individuals from developing nations could perform as NPCs in distributed ledger video games. In contrast to those living in advanced nations, who might, of course, perform as the main characters, they might well accomplish this by strolling around in a regimen or offering products.

Some supporters of NFT video games always see Axie Infinity as a perfect example of the possibilities that play-to-earn video games provide. That is a chance for the wealthy. The remainder of the world would be required to hold stiff as non-player characters.

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