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Solana Labs Collaborates With Google Cloud To Pioneer Blockchain-Based Game Development

Recently, Google Cloud has been working hard to become a strong supporter of Web3. Now, Solana Labs has teamed up with Google Cloud. With this partnership, the team behind the eco-friendly blockchain will use Google Cloud’s capabilities to provide its blockchain-based game development tools to developers. Solana Labs wants to bring blockchain technology to the forefront of game growth.

Solana Labs Aims To Speed Up Mainstream Adoption Of GameShift

The GameShift framework allows developers to make games on the blockchain without having to handle complexities. As a part of its package, GameShift enables developers to include non-custodial wallets and scalable tools for making and sharing in-game items. All of these processes are supported on the Solana blockchain.

In an official announcement, Davis Hart, the Head of GameShift, stated that being part of Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem helps GameShift speed up mainstream adoption. This partnership expands these capabilities to their large, global developer community.

Solana Labs first introduced GameShift in July 2023. Later, in October the same year, the blockchain company released the beta version of this application. Another feature that GameShift provides is an in-game NFT marketplace. This broadens the revenue source for publishers and developers.

Moreover, the game development framework also includes bank payout and credit card payment services on the platform. It also provides management and processing of fee payments.

Solana Labs Seeks To Create Immersive Experiences Without Blockchain Complexities

Solana is a blockchain platform with a proof-of-stake system to support smart contracts. Its native cryptocurrency is called SOL.

Jack Buser, Director for Games at Google Cloud, stated that many game studios using Google Cloud want to explore the creative possibilities of Web3 technology. However, the technical complexities have been a significant obstacle to broader use.

This partnership with Google Cloud provides developers with the tools to create immersive experiences without having to deal with the complexities of blockchain technology.

This is the second Web3 partnership that Google Cloud has made this week. Earlier, Google Cloud teamed up with a Layer-1 blockchain platform Sui to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) with blockchain solutions and other technology projects.

The Solana blockchain has faced several significant outages. It was hacked, and is the subject of a class action lawsuit claiming Solana sells unregistered securities and deceived investors about the number of tokens it has issued to the community.

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