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Snaky Cat Sets To Offer 900,000 Token Rewards To Players

Animoca Brands and iCandy Interactive are combining to hold a time-limited event for the classic snake-like game Snaky Cat. The new twist to the blockchain game promises more excitement and an immersive gaming experience with lots of in-game token rewards.

Users will need to hold 300 $TOWER tokens to be granted access to the game. But for now, the game is free. The team behind the game says it will offer daily opportunities and broaden participation, allowing users to have the chance to claim tokens from a substantial 900,000 $TOWER prize pool.

The blockchain gaming system features “Crazy Defense Heroes” and “Crazy Kings” while the $TOWER will represent its governance token. The tokens can be earned by going through challenges to dodge rivals and collect food.

The New Game Features Offers Immersive Gaming Experience

The Snaky Cat comes with more features that improve the gaming experience of users’ earnings. It creates nostalgic gameplay with real-world earnings by rewarding users’ skills and efforts with a $TOWER token. This merges innovation and nostalgia for an immersive gaming experience.

Additionally, the game integrates The L2 Base feature of Coinbase that ensures quicker processing and reduced transaction fees. His aligns with the game’s goal of ensuring a blockchain gaming experience that is both scalable and easily accessible.

Snaky Cat centers on Play-to-Earn strategies in the web3 gaming environment, which grows and maintains its player base. The game also offers top-notch promotional strategies that bring more players to the gaming community.

It also highlights a shift in the traditional gaming industry where blockchain technology is infused into traditional entertainment. This is offering a new kind of immersive experience that is unique, entertaining, and rewarding.

Highlighting a shift in the gaming industry, the event demonstrates how traditional entertainment is leveraging the innovative potential of blockchain technology to provide a unique and rewarding experience for all.

Players Can Climb Up The Leaderboard And Earn Rewards

The Snaky Cat is a multiplayer game that enables players to easily control snake-like cats that increase in length by eating food drops. The game allows players to compete and climb up the leaderboard to claim $TOWER tokens.

Players can use their tokens to purchase tickets, which will allow them to play each round. They can buy the tickets by connecting to a crypto wallet. The $TOWER token is already the transaction token for three other games: Chaos Wisdom, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Crazy Kings.

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