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SecondLive Launches on the Blast Mainnet to Commemorate Key Events

SecondLive has announced its launch on the Blast Mainnet. This launch marks a major milestone for SecondLive and the Blast Mainnet as they will give their users access to a wide range of offerings.

To mark the significant launch of this protocol on Blast, they have already announced three distinct actions. The project is powered by the $BEAN native tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users will also have access to outstanding rewards.

SecondLive is currently conducting a preliminary motion seeking to invite customers who want to be part of the Blast Mainnet. This motion allows customers to select a Blast Mainnet Badge NFT. Additionally, the third exercise also mandates that users mint the Blast Mainnet Commemorative Uniform NFT.

SecondLive Goes Live On Blast Mainnet

SecondLive is a metaverse platform that has also integrated artificial intelligence (AI) offerings. The developer is working on launching AI-powered frameworks and purposes that make it easier for people to access an open metaverse.

SecondLive has a vast presence in the metaverse world with over two million customers globally. It has been at the forefront of promoting the growth of the metaverse for quite some time. Its recent launch on Blast seeks to give users access to a wide range of unique offerings.

One of the main features of SecondLive is the AI talents. The platform is working on creating a robust framework that makes it possible to access seamless growth while also immersing oneself in the metaverse. This offering makes it easy for people to access the offerings while also transforming the textual content material to create 3D fashions.

Customers on SecondLive also have a chance to customize their avatars. They can examine the digital world and leverage the UGC tools to access growth opportunities. They also get a chance to interact with the community while also enjoying leisure and commerce opportunities.

The SecondLive platform is also working on creating alternative options that will allow developers to unlock creativity.

One of the main offerings of this platform is the AIGC toolchain and XR technological options. SecondLive wants to make it easy for developers to access online web advertising while serving one billion people. By doing this, SecondLive plans to give users access to a unique digital experience.

Three Activities for the SecondLive and Blast Mainnet Collaboration

The first activity related to this launch is the $BEAN token rewards. Those who log in to the SecondLive official website can switch to the Blast Mainnet and access rewards on the bounty page.

The second activity that users can engage in is to claim a Blast Mainnet Badge NFT. This badge is available in the upper right corner of the profile.

Users will also have a chance to participate in a commemorative Uniform NFT reward system. During this event, users could access a unique wearable uniform NFT that they can use to commemorate this special event. The claim for these NFTs happened on March 14, 2024.

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