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PlayMining Announces Multiple Partnership Deals To Boost Gaming Offerings

PlayMining, which is a leading GameFi platform operated by Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), has six casual play-and-earn gaming titles. The project also features a metaverse, and it also plans to release more play-and-earn games in the future. PlayMining is now securing strategic partnership deals that could propel future growth.

PlayMining partners with TV Tokyo for NFTs

Digital Entertainment Asset first partnered with TV Tokyo Corporation in October last year. The two companies worked together to create new intellectual properties (IPs). The team has now confirmed the release of the “Stone Stars” projects that will integrate seven new AI VTubers in mainstream broadcast television in Japan.

The AI virtual idols supported by this platform are linked to NFTs, with the holders having a chance to shape the personality and profile of every AI using a dedicated ChatGPT-4 platform. The company is planning to expand this technology globally in the future.

The project is planning to release NFT presales this month. Besides co-creating the personalities of these AI virtual idols, the NFT holders can also be in a position to use them the same as NFT items within JobTribes, which is the largest P2E game on the PlayMining platform.

PlayMining is growing its presence in gaming

The DEA has been championing “GameFi-for-Good” projects, the co-founder and co-CEO of DEA, Kozo Yamada, has previously said that the company was seeking partnership deals that will have a major social impact.

The company has also announced a joint development project with Rita Technology to integrate innovative digital offerings in the waste management industry. Rita Technology plans to bring the waste management industry into the digital era using innovative robotics.

The CEO of Rita Technology, Koyo Ueno, said that while waste sorting was one of the critical stages in the recycling process, there was a significant labor shortage in the industry because of the negative societal perception of the careers in this industry. As such, the Rita Technology team has been working with the DEA for a fun PlayMining game experience that will promote the growth of this industry.

The platform will also allow players to be responsible for remote control waste-sorting robots that are used in real-world waste processing facilities. This ecosystem will be operated by players within a video game that they can play from their homes. The players will also receive rewards in the form of DEAP coins when they participate in the project, which will solve the issue of labor shortages.

One of the major collaborations that Digital Entertainment Asset has secured is with DM2C Studio. The latter is a brand-new subsidiary of a leading Japanese website known as DMM.com. The two firms will be working together for the KAMIYAGURA NFT trading card game that features a mythical fantasy setting.

KAMIYAGURA will not be launched on the PlayMining platform. Instead, it will exist on the DM2C’s own Verse on the Oasys Layer 2 blockchain. DEA started working with Oasys last month and pledged operation support for some of the newest gaming projects.

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