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PC Strategy Game Blocklords Launches Second Round Of LRDS Token Airdrop

Blocklords, a PC strategy game, has airdropped 300,000 LRDS tokens amongst NFT holders and players, according to the Blocklords’ Twitter post.

The Blocklords GameDrop was unveiled in January, and it will continue to run all through 2024 and comprises 5 airdrop events in total.

Players Can Generate Influence By Staking LRDS Tokens

Even when the ERC20 token has not yet been introduced outside of the game, it is still very useful in the game. Players can stake LRDS tokens to create in-game currency known as Influence.

This currency can be used in particular to acquire NFTs, bundles, and in-game resources. Players can also use LRDS to purchase Influence, with an initial exchange rate of 10 LRDS for 1,000 Influence

LRDS will not be listed on any other crypto exchange. It means that they cannot be purchased by any other means except through the game. However, there are extra benefits for the NFT holders. This strategy aligns with the idea of creating a robust ecosystem in the long run.

Blocklords is a fascinating turn-based strategy game developed on Immutable and Polygon blockchain. It takes players on a tour into an amusing detailed medieval universe. In the game, players can build their empires, breed formidable soldiers, and fight against other players to gain control over territories.

With an energetic community of players and its innovative in-game captivating gameplay, Blockboard stands out as a unique platform. As this advanced game continues to evolve and grow, the individual tends to anticipate the exciting future that lies ahead for Blocklords and its rapidly evolving community

As players march towards victory in battles, conquer difficult quests, and participate in various events, they earn significant rewards. These rewards functions as in-game trophies and assets for enhancing gameplay. Users can use them to strengthen their troops, acquire NFTs, and extend their kingdom’s boundaries.

Blocklords Aims To Enhance Its Gameplay Experience

In Blocklords, players can use their gaming skills as a source of income. By doing various tasks within the game, completing quests, and trading heroes, players have the opportunity to earn rewards.

The intricate gameplay, 3D graphics, and extensive customization features make Blockloard an engaging gaming experience.

At the core of this digital world are NFTs, representing various virtual assets. These can range from grand buildings and land parcels to troops ready for equipment and battle to fortify their forces.

Moreover, by engaging in the Blocklords economy, offering services, buying and selling, players can accrue extra rewards. This distinct feature of Blocklords adds a fascinating twist to gaming, making it a more entertaining pastime and potentially profitable venture.

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