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Omnisea Announces Integration with Ritual for aiNFT Drops

Omnisea is planning to integrate with Ritual to feature aiNFT Drops in the coming weeks, which will culminate a revolution in the cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) industry.

Omnisea is a platform working to boost creativity and innovation. The platform is now working to launch a major integration with Ritual, which is an open and sovereign AI execution layer that will be launched soon.

The AI revolution is finding its way into different industries including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Omnisea and Ritual are now working to set up a path that supports NFTs powered by AI technology.

Omnisea Integrates With Ritual

The project between Omnisea and Ritual seeks to create a future where AI can be used for multiple use cases including taking pictures, videos, audio, and 3D objects. Omnisea is now leveraging the growing interconnectedness between cryptocurrencies and AI to create a leading protocol for AI digital assets.

The integration between Omnisea and Ritual seeks to create aiNFTs. These NFTs will launch on the Omnisea Launchpad.

Ritual is well-equipped to support the launch of these NFTs. The platform allows developers to compute both on-chain and off-chain and send answers to smart contracts. Ritual is also planning to leverage large language models (LLMs) to create a solid foundation for applications powered by artificial intelligence.

Creators can also leverage any Ritual AI model deployed by Omnisea. The offering seeks to give creators access to multiple options for creating aiNFTs. The architecture used by both Omnisea and Ritual will also make the process of creating aiNFTs easy while also offering a high level of flexibility and security.

Omnisea also comes with a Create Page that creators can use to create aiNFTs. The NFT will be listed alongside other assets, making it easy for users to access it. A user can also select an AI model for inference.

The Architecture of aiNFTs

One of the main features of aiNFTs is the Model. A user can choose from a vast list of AI models or search for the name of a custom service running on Ritual Infernet.

The other feature is the Decoder, which includes a Ritual Node that will return the result of AI computation to the NFT contract in raw bytes. The computed output is later passed to a selected Decoder contract. The Decoder will accept a single bytes argument and return the embedded string into the Token Metadata.

The offering also plans to make the aiNFT collection mutable. This offering will allow token holders to part with a reInference fee that will generate metadata. The fee will be higher than the initial inference fee, and it will increase profitability on the platform while boosting OSEA buybacks.

Omnisea anticipates that the launch of aiNFT will be simple for both beginners and experts. Ritual Infernet plans to AI services to transform blockchain usage. The offering seeks to meet market needs while paving the way for new use cases for cryptocurrencies and SI by integrating aiNFTs into its ecosystem.

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