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LinkedIn CEO transforms DALL-E AI art into Solana NFTs

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of professional networking server LinkedIn, will release a set of Solana NFTs images he generates employing OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 AI techniques.

Hoffman declared the action on Twitter now, mentioning that the first item would be auctioned off currently on Magic Eden, the biggest Solana NFT open market.

Untranslatable Words would therefore consist of 11 blockchain-enabled images generated by DALL-E 2, a program that creates creative work based on particular prompts.

The first item in the selection, mangata, is available to buy with the highest offer of 12 SOL, so around $517. As per the Magic Eden’s description, the Swedish phrase refers to a moon’s projection on the ocean. Hoffman stated that phrases had influenced him in another language that had nothing closest to his language.

He intends to divide the money from each item among philanthropic organizations and his associates. Every NFT that might not be acquired during the bids will be destroyed forever.

Because the current edition of OpenAI’s launch pad was revealed in April, DALL-E 2 pictures have already been broadly posted online. The system can generate numerous works of art from the user-supplied text and produce remarkably reliable data from seemingly unrelated words.

Not so perfect

While promising, OpenAI recognizes that its technique necessitates considerate measures to reduce abusive behavior and favoritism.

OpenAI had previously forbidden promoting images created by DALL-E 2 because the proposal was in a prerelease version. The program’s paperwork specifically states that the contract terms prohibit the selling of NFTs.

Nevertheless, OpenAI released a novel beta edition yesterday, allowing image makers to commercialize their work, enabling Hoffman’s NFT proposal to continue. He served on the board of OpenAI and wrote extensively about DALL-E.

On Wednesday, Hoffman stated that visual manifestation could not occur without innovation. He went on to say that famous artist are always wonderful innovators. He believes that if Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Pablo Picasso, or Da Vinci had been alive and well today, they would be dabbling in DALL-E.

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