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Epic Games Store Adds Wilder World, Expanding Web3 Gaming Reach

Wilder World, a web3 Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO), has been introduced on the Epic Games Store before its scheduled debut.

The game seeks to merge several game categories into one inclusive experience set in an open-world digital world known as Wiami.

The gameplay of Wilder World centers around social interactions, races, and exploration, as players compete to face an authoritarian government named FORUM. Every in-game asset like avatars and items is available for trade in the Wilder World marketplace.

Wilder World, Plans To Create A New Experience Using Innovative Technology

Wilder World is structured on an Exclusive blockchain powered by Celestia and Polygon. It intends to exceed the perceived restrictions of conventional AAA games by combining many game genres: first-person shooters, mining, and racing.

The game is developed in incredible engine, and leverages in-game AI technology. The creators have recently partnered with both SuperVerse and Nvidia’s GeForce Now to reach both web3 and web2 gaming communities.

Wilder World’s co-founder Frank Wilder stated that the studio is pleased to be added to the Epic Games store, clearing the path for the upcoming generation of games in the metaverse. He added that their goal is to create a new experience using innovative technology, providing players with a digital landscape for earning, socializing, and gaming.

Wilder World Aims To Revolutionize The Metaverse Landscape

Wilder World is a new realm of reality, a vast multiplayer metaverse that embraces the newest advancements in AI, photorealism, and blockchain technology.

Wilder World is a decentralized economy governed and owned by users. It is designed by the latest blockchain innovations, ensures ownership, and protects users’ digital rights.

By embracing the newest innovations in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, real-time photorealism, and massive multiplayer capabilities innovation, Wilder World offers an unmatched experience.

It promises to redefine the virtual experience for humanity, empowering creativity and rewarding the community for engaging in the ecosystem.

Wiami will initially be presented to the masses via Wiami, the maiden Wilder city is positioned as one of the leading crossroads in the metaverse, it champions features including interoperability and Web3 openness.

Wilder World operates with $WILD, an ERC20 token that serves as the project’s native DAO token. WILD is a token owned by the community and offers holders a share of the revenue of its ecosystem, WWMM utility, voting rights, and more.

The long-term goal of this initiative is to craft a virtual nation-state, referred to as a “Network State,” driven by AAA-quality NFTs with millions of engaged citizens.

This initiative is built on well-established industries, partnerships with the best projects in the web3 space, play-to-earn (P2E) developments, a liquid NFT marketplace, and contributions from top artists and creators worldwide.

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