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DOGODOGE presale launches as meme coin seeks to offer utility

DOGO, the native token for the Dogodoge ecosystem, will launch on the Ethereum blockchain. The presale for DOGO will be launched soon, with 39% of the token supply being made available during the presale. DOGO will have a total supply of 10 billion DOGO tokens.

DOGO presale launches

The Dogodoge ecosystem has been created to provide a safe harbor for dogs. To support this cause, Dogodoge plans to commit 5% of the total token supply to charity causes. The project will also be advocating for dog protection measures.

The presale for the DOGO meme coin launched recently. The presale will have seven stages, with the token’s price starting from as low as $0.002. The price of DOGO will increase at each new stage until the last stage when 1 DOGO will be priced at $0.0091. This will allow the early investors in the project to enjoy significant returns on their investment.

The team behind the Dogodoge project has been KYC-verified by Coinsniper. The project’s smart contract has also been audited by Solid Proof. DOGO is a community-driven token rapidly gaining attention for using in-built NFTs. The platform also comes with its metaverse known as Dogoverse. This metaverse will allow p[lahyers to access the virtual world.

DOGO is being released as an ERC-20 utility token. The token can be used to buy NFTs and to participate in different game modes. The token can also be used for governance and play-to-earn.

The team is KYC verified by Coinsniper, and the smart contract has been audited by Solid Proof. This community-driven token is gaining attention for its use of built-in NFTs and its metaverse, the Dogoverse.

Players on Dogoverse can convert the DOGO tokens that have been earned in-game into other currencies using the Dogo Swap DEX. The latter is a decentralized exchange that will be part of all the Dogo game arenas. Players will also have a chance to hold and stake their DOGO tokens, and the stakers will qualify for additional benefits within the game.

The other important feature of the Dogodoge ecosystem is that it will allow users to access a staking program where they will earn rewards when they hold DOGO tokens within their accounts. When these users stake their tokens, they will increase their earnings, while holding tokens in their accounts.

DOGO is a unique meme coin

Meme coins have soared in popularity over the past year. However, most meme coins lack utility, which is a problem that Dogodoge plans to solve. The project has combined various aspects of the Web3 space, such as play-to-earn, Web3, and decentralized exchanges. The use cases for the project and the utility offered make it one of the top projects in the industry.

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