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Cross-chain NFT platform Magic Eden launches Magic Eden Games

Magic Eden, one of the leading cross-chain non-fungible platforms (NFTs), has launched Magic Eden Games. The latter is a platform that Web3 game developers will use to expand their player base and their communities.

Magic Eden launches Magic Eden Games

Magic Eden is one of the top players in the NFT industry, and it is now expanding its footprint in the vast Web3 industry. Magic Eden has a robust presence in the NFT industry, with its platform offering market-leading minting and trading solutions.

The newly launched platform known as Magic Eden Games will offer a platform for Web3 game developers, and it will allow players in these games to discover the top Web3 games in the market. Those who use this platform will also receive timely information on the latest gaming developments.

Magic Eden Games will also support the growth of Web3 gaming communities by giving them a single platform where they can engage and interact. Those who use this platform will receive rewards depending on their engagement.

The Chief Gaming Officer at Magic Eden, Chris Akhavan, said, “Magic Eden Games continued to drive growth for leading web3 games studios. Game developers leverage our platform to acquire new player communities, share game updates, document their game’s milestones, and tap into significant revenue opportunities through the best marketplace experience in all of web3.”

Each gaming title that partners with Magic Eden Games will obtain its own “explore game” page with a game description, a studio description, videos, and other forms of media. The page will also have a customized NFT marketplace.

The gaming studios will also generate a new revenue stream by minting NFT collections on the Magic Eden Launchpad. These games can also participate in the secondary NFT marketplace, where creator royalties will be accessed across multiple blockchains.

Magic Eden explores Web3 games

Magic Eden is tapping the growth of the Web3 gaming industry to grow its community. The gaming industry is expected to achieve much growth, with revenues expected to hit $365.6 billion by the end of this year. Therefore, Magic Eden seeks to have a share of this fast-growing industry.

Magic Eden Games will be a useful platform for both Web3 and traditional games. The launch of this gaming platform follows the Mint Madness campaign that brought multiple gaming projects to the market. The campaign increased the social media presence of the games that participated.

The Mint Madness campaign allows over a dozen NFTs linked to Web3 gaming projects to mint their items at no cost across multiple blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

The games that have already partnered for the Mint Madness campaign include Alaska Gold Rush, Blast Royale, Freckle Trivia, Meta Star Strikers, Realm Hunter, Planet Mojo, Shrapnel, Rogue Nation, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, among others. These games are present across Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana. The company is also exploring other mint campaigns.

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