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Animoca Brands Japan Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

Animoca Brands Japan is changing some members of its management board to reposition the company for the market. It wants to revive its Web3 business in Asia and expand its Japanese market. As a result, it has appointed Kensuke Amo as its new Chief Operating Officer.

Amo Comes Into The Firm With Two Decades Of Experience

Amo spent six years at the Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck before joining Animoca Brands. At Coincheck, he oversaw the development of new businesses as the firm’s managing executive officer.

Amo said he will bring his 20 years of experience into the company to help expand the Web3 space. He will also make the most of the networks and assets of Animoca Brands. The company is managing over 400 portfolio companies.

He was lauded for several initiatives, including developing the first initial exchange offering platform and the first NFT marketplace in Japan. The development of the exchange offering platform led to a lot of changes. Blockchain firms did not need to raise funds through ICOs as they could sell their tokens directly on the Coincheck platform.

COLOPL’s subsidiary Brilliantcrypto was one of the beneficiaries of the reform, as it utilized Coincheck’s IEO to raise funds for expansion.

Animoca Brands Wants To Reposition Its Business In Asia

Apart from Coincheck, Amo has also worked with several other Japan-based Web3 companies. Coincheck has also partnered with Animoca Brands, behind the Sandbox metaverse game. In Alimoca Brands’ last funding activity, the company was valued at $6 billion. Amo has commented on the recent appointment and the goals and aspirations of the company.

“I am very pleased to join Animoca Brands, one of the world’s leading Web3 companies,” he stated. Amo added that Amoca Brands’ culture of kindness and open-mindedness convinced him personally. Additionally, the heavy attention to Web3 technology aligns with his goals in the industry.

Chief Executive Officer of Animoca Brands Japan, Daisuke Iwase, also commented on the new appointment. He said Amo is coming to the company with two decades of experience in the industry.

He is coming to play an essential role in the company to connect Japan to the rest of the world regarding the Web3 space. Arnoldo Concepcion initially handled Amo’s new role. But the role became vacant after Amoldo moved to another Animoca Brands subsidiary, Gryfyn, to become its Chief Executive Officer.

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