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Animoca Brands Announces Start of its Third Season of Swing & Earn Competition

Animoca Brands has lightened up the mood of its gaming community by announcing the third season of its Swing and Earn Competition. The “Benji Bananas” developer stated that the new season has more exciting features, including a unique reward system and new gameplay elements.

The Prize Pool Increases With More Participants

The new season started on August 28 and will conclude on September 11, according to a Twitter (Now X) post.

But there is a little difference from the previous season’s game. The platform now increases the rewards according to the number of participants rather than the usual fixed prize pool system. Now, the potential prizes to be won will increase in line with the number of players who join.

The idea is to encourage more players to join the gaming platform and gain rewards while having fun. Animoca Brands said the goal is to encourage players to bring their friends into the system, with the increased prize pool as motivation.

Benji Bananas Adds a Referral scheme

In line with its goals of encouraging more participation, the game now has a referral scheme. Participants can invite others to earn exciting rewards.

Adding a new player brings individual rewards while enlarging the overall prize pool. The referral feature also gives the top referral new BENJI tokens and a bonus of three Anichess Orb NFTs.

However, the referral bonuses differ from the rewards players earn from playing in the Competition. This allows players to earn in different ways while participating in the Competition.

Newcomers will also earn rewards once they refer others to the platform. The developers noted that the Swing & Earn will be based on community participation, which will be the key to earning more rewards.

After a new participant has registered and linked their wallet, they can use the referral link on the platform’s website to invite their friends to join. Benji Bananas will count each successful signup as one referral, which means the more their referrals sign up, the more rewards they will get.

The developers stated that it will soon publish a detailed referral scheme to guide the program. It will also publish the metrics for ranking players’ achievements, as it wants to make it a free and fair competition for everyone.

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