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Pet Games NFT

Pet games NFT is a recent hype worldwide for the earnings. It is a complete game platform of PET world that is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. This game is inspired by Pokemon Story.

Their mission is to create a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will help millions of people to participate in the nonfungible token (NFT) and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, innovative, and enjoyable manner.

The game is designed to make people have fun in the game and make significant profits. The PETG ecosystem is a full De-Game-Fi platform; only by offering a rich gaming experience, a rich gaming experience can the platform attract adequate participants to add value to the ecosystem.

Pet Games NFTs


Each player will get tasked with fighting monsters daily. There are expected to be different levels of the monsters. The weaker the monster, the higher the win rate, but the reward and experience will be significantly less.

Strong monsters, low win rate, in return for the rewards and experience will be more. In case you lose the battle, players do not get the reward. However, they get some experience for that battle.

There will be a lot of levels that need every person to have 1 pet, 1 set of 3 pets with various tribes, 1 set of 5 pets with different tribes that can have the ability to fight.

Apart from fighting the monsters, PET is also used for farming purposes. On the farm, players will manage a huge piece of land, players can freely grow the plants that they like. PET will be the farmers responsible for taking care of and watering the plants to grow. When the harvest season finally comes, the players can harvest the fruit and sell it for a profit.

The players can bring their PET into the battlefield and all the PETs on the battlefield are expected to fight with one another to find the winning PETs for massive rewards. Notably, there are different levels to be fair to all PET.

Each day, PET gets free spins, with the number of spins depending on the scarcity of the PET. Notably, the players can spin the wheel and find their luck.

The Marketplace

The players can trade PETs and other items on the MarketPlace. Products for sale can be acquired from the players or developers. That is considered an exchange of Non-fungible Token and Fungible Token (PETG Token). NFT is considered a commodity and PETG NFT token is a currency.

The main currency that is used in the MarketPlace is PETG Token. All of these transactions are executed using PETG Token and the market fee is set at 5%. Players can bring their PET to train with the other players’ PETs to earn experience.

Pet Games has a huge focus on the NFT games play and experience. It strives to create a new financial system that is integrated with games and blockchain. This integration strategy makes the game ideal for fun and investment purposes.

8 levels measure the strength and perfection of the creatures. Exp points are accumulated through matches and each pet evolves through every level until it reaches the final version.

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