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Top BSC NFT Games

BSC NFT games are growing in popularity. The entire NFT game hype has not ended since a renewed interest in the sector has been put in the nonfungible token games after Mark Zuckerberg announced his company’s renewed interest in the metaverse.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is one of the blockchains that is powering some of these NFT games.

The games can be majorly competitive and it can be challenging for the people that plan to play the BSC NFT games to earn. It is crucial to note that not all NFT games are profitable and the amount that a player can earn depends on a lot of factors.

Factors that affect the players’ ability to earn in the BSC NFT games include luck, skill, capital, and tokenomics of the game. Some of these games are designed to offer massive rewards in the beginning but then diminish slowly over time. Here are some of the popular games hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Smart Chain Projects


The defense strategy game is powered by the Binance Smart Chain network. In this game, the users get their robots by opening Rubics.

With the robot, users can utilize WARFARE with which they fight the destroyers and earn $WAR tokens for humanity’s defense. There is a marketplace inside this game through which the players can buy weapons, upgrades, and robot swaps.

Play-to-Earn is the method used in RobotWars for generating WAR and also utilizes other features for enhancing the values of NFTs. The players exchange these NFTs for WAR tokens and also trade the tokens on crypto exchanges or easily convert them into fiat currency.


This 3D virtual space of SecondLive is a game where the platers can become virtual avatars and do all of the things that they normally do in real life. The players can do shopping, singing, virtual exhibitions, dancing, and business handling.

This game avatar can be used to develop content and earn profits. SecondLive is one of the popular BSC NFT Games that comprises four main modules and players can use the avatar editors to design their characters and set them in the metaverse.

It has many virtual spaces that can be transferred as areas like workshops, games, concerts, the lobby, and a shopping center.

X World Games

X World Games is a decentralized gaming platform that is powered by Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, where the players earn XWG tokens through different innovative games.

The first game that was launched was Dream Card which was inspired by Pokemon and which has collectibles that are built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.


Binemon is a play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game that enables players to breed and battle pets to earn a variety of rewards. The P2E blockchain gaming world has seen massive growth in recent months.

A majority of the projects allow the players to make some money while playing their preferred video games. The gamers also manage to gain control of their in-game assets. For example, Binemon, since it is a virtual pet BSC NFT game, offers RPG elements that enable the players to collect and trade eggs.


NFT-GODS is said to be the first decentralized dapp BSC NFT game that integrates playing Methods that feature hitting lists of apprentice systems, public communities, NFT Card mining, card recomposition, master, and drawing of blind box cards.

Apart from participating in LP mining and buying cards, it also gives you increased interest in the spin-off platform of the NFT Gods app.

Why Launch BSC NFT Games?

Security and safety in the BSC Ecosystem are massive. The BSC blockchain is decentralized and is powered by open-source code, and the public can readily access it for audits.

BSC is known for its clean slate without any incidents or hacks. Thus, there are no attack vectors in the BSC chain. Thus the blockchain is the best network that hosts BSC NFT games like the ones listed above and many others.

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