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After reaching the status of one of the best sci-fi play-to-earn NFT games in the industry at the end of 2021, Cryptomines went through a series of problems that led to the game being shut down. 

Now, the developers have decided to revive these ‘glory days’ with a new project – Cryptomines Reborn NFT. 

Due to its successful background and millions of players eager to continue their journey through this exciting space game, Cryptomines Reborn NFT might just be the next big thing in the digital universe. 

In this article, we will show you what Cryptomines Reborn NFT is, how the game works, and explain all the unique features that make this game so appealing to P2E enthusiasts. 

What is Cryptomines Reborn NFT?

Cryptomines Reborn is an NFT play-to-earn game created on the BNB chain.

One of the main goals of this game is to provide players with a long-term P2E NFT experience that includes immense attention to detail, never-ending space journeys, and the option to make money through the different rewards and prizes. 

The most valuable asset in Cryptomines Reborn is WCRUX – a token with numerous functions in the Reborn Metaverse. 

Players can acquire WCRUX by progressing in the journeys, making discoveries, and coming up with new strategies to increase profits. 

Before it was shut down, Cryptomines was considered the best NFT game on the BNB Chain. Now, Reborn is looking to continue that legacy and introduce the previous workers to the new galaxy – SIKX19-02. 

All of the in-game NFT assets are owned solely by the players and they are minted following the ERC-721 standard. Players can use the proprietary marketplace to exchange these assets with each other. 

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How to Play the Cryptomines Reborn NFT Game? 

As we said, the developers behind Cryptomines Reborn pay a lot of attention to detail, so understanding all the different features might seem a bit complex at first. 

Don’t worry, we will simplify these different elements, so you can have a head start in the space journey. 

Let’s dive in. 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Minting 

To join this NFT game and its unique ecosystem, you first have to acquire the necessary NFTs. 

These are the primary NFTs you need:

  • Spaceships – Players use spaceships to travel through the different galaxies in the Metaverse. They are minted on a loot box system and come with different rarity levels. The rarer the spaceship, the more workers it can sustain. Currently, one spaceship box costs 25 WCRUX. 
  • Space Workers – Workers are necessary to begin the space exploration journey. They are the ones that streamline the mining process and the more workers you have, the bigger your mining force is. Similar to spaceships, workers are also minted through a box system and come with different rarities. A worker box costs 25 WCRUX. 
  • Fleets – This NFT is a combination of spaceships and workers. Each fleet has unique attributes such as fuel, mining power, fleet rank, fleet level, durability, and dozens more. To sell your fleet in the marketplace, it has to be 100% repaired (fleets can get damaged or exhausted). 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Sustainability 

When it comes to the sustainability of the Reborn NFT game, the developers have introduced a variety of new mechanics that will contribute to the longevity of the project. 

Not only do players have additional utility compared to the previous version of Cryptomines, but there are also a lot more ways to interact with the Reborn Metaverse. 

Some of the most notable sustainability mechanics include: 

  • Extra durability
  • NFT repairs
  • Land organization
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Unique names and avatars
  • Enhanced NFT security 

In addition to these mechanics, the developers have also announced that they will release many more new updates and improvements over the course of the next few months. 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Rewards 

When playing Cryptomines Reborn, players use their fleets to travel the galaxy and search for WCRUX. However, extracting this token can often be extremely dangerous, depending on which planet you go to. 

The advanced planets with enhanced material can bring in the most valuable rewards, but the risks of damaging your fleet also become a lot higher. 

While damaged fleets can take part in the expeditions, the fleet degradation level must be higher than the planet’s damage percentage. If this isn’t the case, you have to work on repairing your fleet. 

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Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Marketplace 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT has its own internal marketplace that players can join to trade their NFTs. 

By purchasing and selling spaceships, workers, and fleets, players can acquire the material needed for repairing their fleets and improving the overall game economy. 

Each sale carries a 15% tax that is paid by the seller. 

The default token of the NFT marketplace is WCRUX and players can set their own prices. 

Keep in mind, exhausted and damaged fleets can’t be sold on the marketplace, which means you will have to repair them to 100% before listing. 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Mini-Games 

One of the new features introduced in Cryptomines Reborn is mini-games. 

These include:

  • Clash – This mini-game integrates a betting system through which players can choose the contender they think will win the 1v1 battle. Keep in mind when placing your bets, the winner isn’t always the strongest or smartest of the two – there are lots of factors to consider. 
  • Intergalactic Lottery – The lottery game is based on the traditional number match system. To win the lottery, players have to match consecutive numbers. Winners can acquire some great rewards such as ETERNAL prizes or Dark Matter. 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Tokenomics 

The native currency of Cryptomines Reborn NFT is $CRUX. 

You will need to use $CRUX to acquire the in-game token WCRUX (Wrapped CRUX), which is essential for minting workers, spaceships, and fleets. 

There are 5,000,000 $CRUX tokens in total and the developers are the ones who will provide the liquidity. 

Purchasing $CRUX can only be done through the Pancake Swap and you will need a MetaMask wallet with enough $BNB to cover the gas fees. 

To exchange CRUX for WCRUX (or vice-versa), you have to use the Cryptomines Reborn Exchange that can be found on their official website. 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT – Fleet Staking 

As the name suggests, the Fleet Staking feature provides players with the ability to stake their Cryptomines Legacy fleets in exchange for $CRUX. The staking process takes around 6 months.  

To participate in Fleet Staking, you need to provide $CRUX and Dark Matter collateral. 

The stake rewards you receive in the form of WCRUX can be withdrawn each day, but you will only receive them after the registration phase comes to an end. 

Which Is the Best NFT to Buy in 2022? 


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Although Cryptomines Reborn NFT has a high chance to regain its title as one of the best sci-fi NFT P2E games, we can’t say that it’s the best NFT investment in 2022. 

This spot rightfully goes to the Lucky Block NFT collection – The Platinum Rollers Club. 

Experiencing a mind-blowing increase in value wouldn’t be anything new for Lucky Block, they have already done it at the beginning of 2022 with their Lucky Block crypto asset (LBLOCK).

In only a few weeks after it was released, the price of Lucky Block skyrocketed in value, bringing early investors a 12,000% return on their initial investment. 

Only a few months later, the developers have come up with the Lucky Block NFT collection. 

There are 10,000 available NFTs and owning one carries a lot of different benefits. 

For starters, Lucky Block NFT holders are provided with a lifetime entry into the daily NFT draws. 

One lucky owner will win a jackpot of more than $10,000 each day, while the exact amount equals 2% of the main draw pool. The pool’s value is based on volume projection and the user base, and you can follow the latest updates here

Currently, one Lucky Block NFT costs around $1,500. During the minting process, buyers have the chance to receive a ‘Rare Edition’ token (there are only 25 available). These tokens bring double jackpot prizes to the winners. 

The best way to stay informed on any real-time changes regarding Lucky Block NFT is to join the official telegram group that currently counts more than 60,000 active members. 

In the last few weeks, more celebrities have decided to join the Lucky Block hype train, including the famous boxer Dillian Whyte who fought Tyson Fury in the ring. 

Considering all of these facts, Lucky Block NFT is on a good path to repeating the success that its crypto had. This means that now would be the right time to capture this low price and potentially see huge profits by the end of the year. 

To purchase Lucky Block NFT, you have to go through NFT Launchpad, one of the fastest-growing secondary NFT marketplaces in the community. 

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Cryptomines Reborn NFT – The Verdict 

Cryptomines Reborn NFT is a blockchain Play-to-Earn game that offers players one of the best space Metaverse gaming experiences. 

Even though this game has extremely high potential to reach new heights in 2022, our top pick for the best NFT investment goes to Lucky Block NFT – the best lottery NFT game in the community. 

Tijana Veljkovic