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NFTBoxes NFT Analysis & Statistics Overview

Check latest metric updates on NFTBoxes NFT project. Get technical analysis & expert insights on NFTBoxes NFT according to recently analyzed Blockchain data.

NFTBoxes NFT Statistics

Sales Total amount of unique transactions made in a certain NFT collection

98 5.38 %

Users Amount of unique crypto wallet addresses that are interacting with the NFT

32 6.67%

Volume Amount of incoming value to NFT’s smart contracts from transactions taking place

10.4K -23.5%

NFTBoxes NFT Market Overview

The Rarible NFT data chart shows that this ETH protocol-deployed dApp made 2.8K sales in the last 30D. The NFT had 1.1K users & a Volume of $519.2K, and was losing in growth with a -43.2% drop in Volume for the last 30 days.

Rarible NFT dApp is overall bullish in Sales and has increased in comparison to the previous 7-day period. It is now ranked #15 in General BDG dApp Tracker category, and also #15 in category. Rarible NFT is steadily gaining popularity among users with a 0% increase of users for the same 7-day period.

You can use these metrics to decide whether Rarible is a high-potential NFT, if it’s gaining popularity & trending, and if it’s actually worth your contribution.