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Ubisoft To Conduct A Free Ethereum NFT Mint For Champion Tactics Game

Ubisoft is among the traditional game developers that have embraced non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. The game publisher plans to conduct a free NFT mint on the Ethereum blockchain for its upcoming Champion Tactics game.

Ubisoft posted a statement on X, formerly Twitter, saying it will host a free NFT mint for several profile picture (PFP) NFT projects. These NFTs are linked to the Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles game.

Ubisoft’s Champion Tactics Game

The Champion Tactics game will run on the Oasys blockchain. Those playing the game must also pay Ethereum gas fees to mint the NFTs.

The Warlords PFPs are created to look like pixel heroes inspired by an old-school game. The official website of this project says the Warlords NFTs will provide early access to the NFT holders. These holders will later mint in-game Champion figurines that will also be free.

Ubisoft will create 9,999 Warlords NFTs as part of this project. 8,000 of these NFTs will be available during the mint. An additional 1,000 NFTs will go towards the Oasys community. 999 of them will be maintained by Ubisoft to market the project in the future and for a giveaway.

Ubisoft has asked those interested in the free NFTs to interact with the announcement tweet by liking, retweeting, and commenting. Such users will be added to the allowlist supporting an NFT mint.

The game publisher also plans to select 50 random eligible users for the allowlist. These users will also have access to a private Discord server dedicated to this gaming project.

The Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles game was initially announced during the summer and in recent weeks. The Ubisoft game publisher shares additional details on this project involving its crypto-native game.

Ubisoft’s New Web3 Game

The details around this new game by Ubisoft describe an online strategy game. In this game, players battle against each other through fantasy characters. The game also involves “thousands of unique, powerful champion” that mimic tabletop figurines.

The game publisher has also provided several images that appear like trading cards. These NFTs will add an extra angle to the strategic experience offered by this game. It also makes this game unique and different from the other available offerings.

Ubisoft plans to release the Champion Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles game on PC devices in early 2024.

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