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Solar Unleashes Minecraft Clone ‘Blockcraft’ Metaverse On SXP Blockchain

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) continue breaking down barricades previously set by Web2 technology infrastructure and now enable communities to create world-changing metaverse projects without centralized oversight. Solar is the latest community-driven blockchain project to create a new ecosystem,” Metaverse,” in the crypto space.

A Metaverse is described as an ecosystem that contains a series of two and three-dimensional virtual worlds, allowing users to interact and develop social connections as part of a larger community.

Released a clone of Minecraft in the metaverse

Although many people might look at the current Web2 social media platform such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as fulfilling, the reality relies on the foundation of these platforms. Therefore, regardless of their best efforts, these communities will never participate in the decision-making of those platforms.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) offer a crucial foundation for many projects, giving communities the power and autonomy to guide future directions, allocate resources and influence real change.

For now, centralized platforms often limit the community’s decision-making power, increasing the level of inefficiency communities experience in pursuit of their overarching mission.

But interestingly, Solar is a perfect example of a community-driven blockchain project, creating an ecosystem with governance. Blockchain technology is renowned for offering a series of features and tools to support the enterprise-grade application as they become a more extensive ecosystem.

As a result, Solar will operate alongside its community-focused mission, which includes inviting a user to participate in the new project, whether as voters, delegates, or Metaverse participants.

The team behind the development has unleashed the “blockcraft” platform, an implementation similar to Minecraft, which will allow users to engage seamlessly and soon become an extensive Metaverse. In its effort to seek whether the community has any interest, Solar has released the Easter egg hunt for research.

After the successful alpha phase, Solar aims to continue its progress towards building a Metaverse, which will feature the popular Minecraft-based gameplay for desktop and mobile, known as District 53.

District 53 Overview

District 53 “Metaverse” will feature successful elements similar to existing Metaverse projects such as Decentraland and Sandbox, including the ability to purchase digital land through an auction format. Under this format, the sale will be divided twice, with 90% of the initial transaction cost burned, reserving the 10% for developers of District 53.

Upon successful acquisition, users will receive digital lands in their wallets as a non-fungible token (NFT). This NFT will allow users to enter District 53 with the same wallet, enabling them to build and modify these assets. The digital land will be in total control of the holder until they decide otherwise. Sales will occur on the Solar NFT marketplace, where the seller will retain 100% of the proceeds.

Nevertheless, in the new Metaverse, the in-game land is not the only source of revenue activity for users. Users will also have a chance to participate in many in-game transactions, which incorporate mini-games as an SXP earning opportunity.

The new ecosystem will enable developers, companies, businesses, and brands to advertise their offerings and other products in the main square in Metaverse. Coincidentally, this is the place where users can spawn.

 Block Craft 3D metaverse

Solar Community “DAO”

In the meantime, the vibrant Solar community holds 35,000 like-minded individuals who have stood with project progress towards fulfilling the items on its road map. The solar team remains dedicated to positioning its project next to EOS, Solana (SOL), and Ethereum (ETH).

Solar has solidified plans to auction off all the digital land and advertising spots in the Metaverse to continue driving its community forward. This action will start with the most valuable plot until all the land sells. According to Solar, the NFT sale will launch in a few days as the final version of the Metaverse will be rolled out at the end of this year.

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