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Solana Leads in The Number Of Games On The Epic Games Store

The traditional gaming industry is increasingly endorsing crypto games. Epic Games Store is taking the lead with more blockchain-based games launching on the platform, according to the 2023 State of Web3 Gaming report by Game7.

The report noted that the number of crypto games on the Epic Games Store has increased from 10 in January to 69 in October. The report also showed the growth of the Solana blockchain in terms of adoption by game developers. This comes amid a notable increase in the value of Solana’s native token (SOL) over the past month.

More Solana Games Launch on Epic Games Store

The Game7 report noted Solana had over 125 games on its blockchain, making it the fourth-largest gaming network.

One of the main games on this platform is Star Atlas, which is currently under development. The game is launching tokens and NFTs on Solana. The game involves an immersive world with a futuristic appeal and playable characters.

However, Star Atlas has faced challenges, with the team announcing it would lay off 73% of its employees in July. Despite the setback, a playable demo for the game exclusive to NFT holders is already on the Epic Games Store.

Aurory is also another popular game on Solana. This game has the features of both Pokémon and the Matrix. The project released its NFTs and AURY token on Solana, with the team announcing plans to expand to Arbitrum.

An RPG version of Aurory, “Seekers of Tokane,” is set to launch on the Epic Games Store alongside the native browser version. This RPG version allows players to access lands for exploration, battle, and character customization.

Yaku, another social metaverse game, is also available on Solana, with early access already live on the Epic Games Store. Yaku plans to launch this game through gradual upgrades in the next five to seven years.

Chain Crisis is also available on the Epic Games Store but is currently under a “Coming Soon” banner. This game has released NFTs on Solana and plans to launch in-game characters as NFTs.

Angelic, a Web3 game backed by Animoca Brands, also uses the Solana blockchain. The game secured $10 million in funding and has a “Coming Soon” banner on the Epic Games Store.

Game developers are relying on the Solana and Ethereum blockchains for optional NFTs. The Solana network might become mainstream in Web3 gaming because of these offerings.

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