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RockStar Games To Ban Crypto And NFTs from Grand Theft Auto Fan Servers

Rockstar Games has banned the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies on online Grand Theft Auto V services. This comes after Microsoft made the same move by banning Web3 elements from Minecraft this summer.

Fans have been enjoying the so-called ‘role-playing servers’ for Grand Theft Auto V for several years. In the servers, players become non-playable characters (NPCs) while interacting together online.

Durk Bank’s Trenches GTA To Update Server

Some of the servers are already using crypto tokens and NFTs as a way to give players ownership of unique assets. In some cases, they are used as a way of giving exclusive benefits to regular players. In some instances, Grand Theft Auto V servers have offered special weapons and cars represented as NFT assets.

Several players have participated and launched their GTA role-playing servers, including popular rapper Durk Banks (‘Lil Durk). He launched with NFT assets known as Trenches. Last week, his Only The Family Gaming organization stated that it has received legal counsel from Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company. As a result, it has decided to remove the server.

The statement, made on Twitter, noted that the organization has no other option than to comply with Rockstar’s demands. “We will be working with them to find an amicable solution to this matter,” according to the statement.

More GTA Fan Servers Could Make Changes

Following this resolve by Rockstar, other popular modded servers could take similar decisions to ban NFTs and cryptocurrencies on their servers. Brazilian gaming platform LOUD, and its Web3 parent company Spacecaps, also have plans to affect changes to their servers. The company’s Snackclub division is operating Cidade Alta, its GTA server, which allows NFTs for exclusive items.

Mathew Ho, LOUD’s co-founder, stated that the company is looking to make changes to its server in the next two weeks. This comes after it received notification from Rockstar Games on a possible violation of terms of service.

Ho stated that the Modded experiences created on its platform were not part of the firm’s original experience because they were created for proof of concept and experimental purposes. But the platform is now working on an interesting modded which they would apply to the new platforms. MyMetaverse also operates a GTA server, which is run alongside Enjin’s Enjinverse on the Polkadot platform. MyMetaverse could also be looking to update its server to take into consideration the new rules set by Rockstar Games.

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