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Plushie Guardians To Enhance Web3 Gaming With New NFT Project

Plushie Guardians NFT has announced plans to bring a revolutionary innovation to the GameFi game on the Polygon network. According to the company, the new project will enhance web3 gaming by dealing with serious issues such as high dependency on new participants, shallow gameplay, and inadequate gaming content. The project minting date is on May 18, according to the announcement.

Pushie Guardians is a platform that provides thematic content for several web2 and web3 products.

The game has already passed the testing stage and will become available after the sale of its NFTs. It features an expandable universe with unique stories and characters.

Players To Have Equal Opportunities To Participate Fairly

Pushie Guardians says the game will give payers equal opportunities to participate and win rewards. Players will be competing in turn-based battles against the AI or other players. They will use Plushie and Equipment NFTs to acquire tools used in Ascension and Crafting activities. The interdependence of the activities and resources will promote the development of productive chains since the participants will be having limited daily actions.

The NFT sale will feature 10,000 Plushie OG that gives players access to the web3 game. Also, the OG features exclusive artwork as well as a human-handcrafted backstory. the company noted that the invaluable and unique NFTs provide a great opportunity for project investors and fans.

The sustainability of the GameFi will be achieved by reducing the number of participants that seek financial gains. Additionally, through the marketing of products and services to a different end-consumer web2 audience, it will provide external revenue sources.

Plushie Guardians To Expand The Gaming Universe Beyond Web3

Plushie Guardians says it will develop more interesting gaming characters, which is in line with the long-term goal of the founder. The platform says it is prepared to expand the universe beyond web3 gaming. It will be diversifying its operations to reach different platforms and segments.

The company is already developing other products, including mobile and console games. There are freemium and premium models for competitive and casual gamers to enjoy. It will also develop media content like animated series, movies, HQs, and Books, as well as physical products like clothes, board games, plush, toys, and merchandise in general, which will be targeted at Web2 audiences.

Plushie Guardians want to provide features for all types of gamers and will be carrying everyone along.

Plushie Guardians says the GameFi economy will be as profitable as the IP, and would not be dependent on new entrants. In this way, the participants will take part in the entire gaming process and become investors in the industry.

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