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NHL Partners With Sweet for an NFT Platform

The National Hockey League has partnered with Sweet to release NHL Breakaway. The latter is a new digital collectibles platform through which fans can collect and trade NHL highlights from past and present stars in the league.

Fans on the NHL can now display a collection of highlights on their account and trade with other collectors. NHL Breakaway also uses past and present game highlights with different camera angles and iconic game sounds.

NHL Releases an NFT Platform

Every pack supported by this NFT platform comes with multiple highlights across multiple sets. The collection is customized towards a specific theme. For instance, the Opening Ice: Elites comes with highlights from the top stars in this league. On the other hand, The Hunt for Stanley 2023 contains highlights from the NHL 2022-23 Stanley Cup playoffs.

The NHL Breakaway also has rarity tiers to ensure casual and seasoned collectors can create their collections reflecting their fandom. The highlights are minted once and have a cap set by the rarity tier.

The platform also comes with a Trade Lounge whereby users trade collectibles. The Play section feature will allow fans to participate in quests to complete sets and earn rewards. These rewards might include exclusive perks or individual NHL experiences.

The NHL Breakaway game went live last summer with just a few individuals. A few participants were invited to the initial drop to offer feedback on the new product features. The NFT marketplace is now open to all.

NHL plans to add more features to this marketplace in the future. It will also set up more challenges, allowing fans to play against the collector community.

Some Fans Are Not Impressed

Some reports claim the NHL was unoriginal in its plans for an NFT marketplace. They state that the league entered the NFT world too late, given that NFT prices are currently declining significantly.

The league appears to be aware of the growing unpopularity of NFTs, as it has refrained from using the term “NFT” in its press release. Instead, the league refers to the platform as a “digital collectibles highlight community.”

NHL’s entry into the NFT world follows in the footsteps of sports leagues such as the NBA. The NBA entered the NFT world during its peak with the NBA Top Shot by Dapper Labs. Like NHL Breakaway, NBA Top Shot gives access to special highlights during a basketball game.

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