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Kenny Schachter Rolls Out Pop Principle, A New Project That Unites Arts With NFT

In a territory where tradition and invention clash, a visionary and an artist named Kenny Schachter continues pushing the art world to its limit. He is known for his unfamiliar style and readiness to welcome emerging technologies. He has once more caused a heated argument with his newest project known as Pop Principle.

Created in partnership with the digital gallery data, Pop Principle is an aspiring gamified NFT project that created a rift between the digital art vanguard and traditional art Players. It was introduced on May 18. This fascinating experience is sure to give the status quo a run for its money, giving the art establishment a tough time and pushing art to its limits.

Two Artistic Camps Clash And Onlookers Love It!

The journey of Kenny Schachter in the world of NFTs started way back in 2019 and it rapidly became evident that the art establishment was not prepared to welcome blockchain technology and its potential. Schachter was disappointed by the traditionalism and retardation he faced, which gave him the determination to create his path. Pop Principle represents his willpower and his comments on how the art world has been divided.

We have on one side, the traditional art players, which are represented by some well-known People such as Larry Gagosian, David Hockney, and Yayoi Kusama while on the other side, famous stars like Refik Anadol, Osinachi, and Beele represent the digital art world. Caretaker Hans Ulrich, coming from Switzerland, will be playing the role of a “neutral player”. During Schachter’s lone show, the characters will be released as eight open-edition NFTs in New York. It will be available until June 17.

More NFTs Are Now Used To Empower Artists

Pop Principle has four rounds with a winner each. The emerging winner of each round is decided by the number of mints their character receives, merging the popularity conception with the Pop art movement.

The one with the highest number of the winning character NFTs will be awarded the physical monument of the character, concealing the boundaries of the physical and digital realms. And the remaining token holders will be given a choice to destroy their token in return for special rewards. Once the four rounds are completed, the ultimate showdown will commence, pitting the four winning characters against each other.

This highest point of the game works as a figurative crash between the digital and traditional art worlds. Schachter admits that the nature of this rivalry is fairly “juvenile and stupid”, wishing that the artists would start living in harmony. Nevertheless, his dedication to NFTs has accidentally divided the art community.

Schachter’s solid backup for NFTs, which he kindly calls “NFT-ism,” is highly valuable. Working as a modern-day artist in different modes like digital art and video, he knows how valuable blockchain technology is in creating a legitimate digital certificate and making buying and selling of artworks very easy.

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