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Burberry collaborates with Mythical Games for its second NFT collection

UK’s Burberry has teamed up with Mythical Games to launch a non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection. This is the second time the two companies have worked together in NFT matters.

Burberry partners with Mythical Games

As part of the deal, the brand plans to create new spaces to boost community engagement. Social spaces within the game will be a platform where players can connect and be part of a unique virtual experience.

The limited-edition Burberry Blanko NFTs are part of Burberry’s flagship title, the Blankos Block Party. The NFTs have been designed in the form of a unicorn named “Minny B.” The unicorn will be used to interpret the mythical creature who is kind, gentle, and cheeky. The creature also combines art and creativity to display limitless possibilities.

Minny B comes with a signature spiraled horn and wings. These features enhance the magical attributes of the creature. Burberry said the magical attributes also allow Blanko to explore new spaces by flying.

NFT collection comes with in-game accessories

The NFT collection will also be compromised of branded in-game accessories from Burberry. These accessories include boomboxes, lucky horseshow necklaces, TB sliders, and a “Shellphone.” The latter is a mobile phone accessory whose design is inspired by a seashell. The players can include the mobile phone accessory into their virtual portfolio of online accessories.

The players within the Blankos Block Party who own the first NFT character from Burberry will receive rewards, including a free Monogram bucket hat accessory. This one will be released over time.

The social space created by Burberry within the game has a dedicated bespoke nature. The social space is a cabana-style resort dubbed “The Oasis.” This resort will host players and allow them to connect, explore and be part of the unique virtual experience offered by the company.

The Oasis also features a wide range of beaches, including sailboats and sun lounges. According to Burberry, these features have been inspired by TB Summer Monogram destination takeovers.

The VP channel innovation at Burberry, Rachel Waller, commented on the developments saying, “We are delighted to partner once more with Mythical Games to bring our brand, values and creative spirit to communities around the world. Luxury is an industry built on fantasy and expression so in many ways, gaming is a canvas perfectly suited to bringing these dreams to life.”

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