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30K Web3 Scholarships To Be Provided By Binance Charity

Binance Charity, the charity arm of the Binance crypto exchange, has recently announced that they will fund a total of 30,665 scholarships. These scholarships are to individuals pushing into the Web3 sector to forge a career for themselves.

Giving Hope To Those Without Means

Binance Charity is doing this via the Binance Charity Scholar Program (BCSP),  which is set to provide these people with free training courses and education regarding Web3. The goal of this project is to allow tech-savvy individuals to increase their skills significantly while ignoring the barriers brought up by a lack of the needed finances. This was explained via a public announcement Binance Charities had made about the matter.

In the public statement, Binance Charities acknowledged that many people could not access the means to further develop their skills and education in the digital space. This, according to Binance Charities, results in a lack of talent and diversity in the Blockchain industry as a whole. The charity claims that the Binance Charity Scholar Program (BCSP) will be the one to change all that, as it aims to cover the course fees and tuition costs for some of the world’s best colleges, universities, as well as vocational training providers.

Last Year’s Success

The blog post in question highlighted that an excess of 82,000 applications was sent to the BCSP in a bid to be part of the next batch. This means that only 37% of those that applied managed to win their scholarships.

The scholarship program boasts a number of heavy hitter names within the space. BSCP boasts partnerships with the Cyprus University of Nicosia, the University of Western Australia, Nigeria’s technology hub Utiva,  as well as Germany’s Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Some of the events of the BCSP will further be hosted by Women in Tech, Simplon, Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, as well as the Kyiv IT Cluster. As part of the blog post, Binance Charity stated that a partnership had been struck with Ukraine-based departments in order to help those affected by the Russo-Ukranian war who may have lost their jobs in the process. As one would expect, Binance Academy will also give a helping hand.

Binance Charity is going big lately. Last year the charity group managed to raise a total of $3.5 million, using those funds to provide an excess of 290,000 hours in education and training courses for Web3.

Improving The Crypto Space

Helen Hai stands as the Head of Binance Charity, and gave a public statement about the matter. She explained that there was an “unprecedented” response to Binance Charity’s Web3 education projects. Helen claims that this is a clear indicator that people are keen to learn about DeFi, blockchain, coding, NFTs, and other subjects.

Binance stands as a heavy hitter in the crypto space, and clearly understands that it can only grow if more people are integrated within it. Time will tell how this year’s scholarships will pan out, but hopefully, it will lead to even greater innovations in the space.


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