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For a new NFT project to become a success, there are lots of different puzzle pieces that have to fall into place. 

This includes a dedicated team of developers, great visuals, a unique story, interesting characteristics, and a healthy community, among other things. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT seems to have all of these things. 

While it’s still early to make any accurate predictions regarding the project, especially since it hasn’t been released yet, Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT might be the next great ‘bargain’ if you invest early. 

In this article, we will explain what Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT is, how it works, and talk about all of its different features and utility traits. 

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What Is Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT? 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT is a series of premium fantasy artworks displayed through 9,000 NFT cards. 

The artworks were created by ‘Boros-Szikszai’ – a world-famous artistic duo that has more than two decades of experience in the industry. 

They are known for their impeccable designs of movie and video game characters, while some of their most popular projects include World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, and Hearthstone.

However, high-quality artwork is only one of the things that make this project so compelling. 

There is also a collectible card game with 3,000 different pieces which, alongside the stunning visuals and unique utility traits, is one of the many reasons why many crypto enthusiasts believe GRD NFT will be the next big thing in the crypto universe. 

In this card game, the player’s main goal is to collect the 4 types of cards – common, rare, epic, and legendary. Those who manage to complete the entire book and acquire the 15 unique characters (5 girls, 5 robots, and 5 dragons) have a chance of winning some great prizes. 

The prize pool includes 20% of total sales and 25% of royalties, with a maximum prize of 3.5 Ethereum per book. 

Pre-sale will begin on June 6th at the price of 0.06 ETH per card and it will increase to 0.07 ETH once the pre-sale period ends. 

Some of the utilities of holding Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT include receiving $DUST tokens equal to the value of the NFT price, physical redeemable, and a chance to meet the artists, but we will talk about them in detail later in the article. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – The Artwork 

The stunning visuals of Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT are one of the main things that make it stand out from other projects. 

With incredible attention to detail for each NFT character and a double-sided artwork, fantasy art lovers truly have something great to look forward to.  

No matter if you decide to print out your GRD NFT card or keep it on screen, the pieces will look amazing either way. 

On the front, there is an image of one of the 15 main characters and two randomly-generated additional layers. All of the images were specifically designed for the NFT series. 

The back of each NFT includes one of the artists’ most popular artworks. 

This can be anything from a fantasy artwork, a concept for a project that was never released, or some of their popular illustrations created for bigger franchises. 

While these images on the back might seem like they were randomly assigned, there is actually a purpose behind every assignment. 

Each combination of the three layers displayed on the front side includes a specific artwork on the back to go with it. 

This means that if these layers change, so will the artwork on the back. 

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Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – Utility Traits 

Having amazing visuals in an NFT is great, but it will need much more than that to succeed and surpass its competitors. 

There is no doubt that Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT is a sight for sore eyes, but what makes this project so exciting are the interesting utility traits that come with it.  

Let’s check out some of the utilities that have been confirmed so far. 

One Acrylic Painting 

One lucky Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT holder will have a chance to win an acrylic painting created by the artists on a stretched canvas. 

Five Online Meetings 

Five NFT owners will have an opportunity to schedule an online meeting with the artists and talk with them for one hour. 

This can be a great chance for aspiring artists to learn something new and get advice from the leading experts in the field.

Ten Sketches 

The artists have included ten of their historical sketches in a form of redeemable art. Players who manage to complete a book will have a chance to acquire one of these sketches. 

This works on a first-come-first-serve principle. 

100 Autographs

One hundred lucky owners will be able to use the NFT’s autograph feature. 

This includes getting a message autograph from the artists on your specific NFT card. 

$DUST Tokens 

Once they buy a Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT, the owners will receive $DUST tokens equal to the price of their piece. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – The Editions 

Art lovers aren’t the only ones who will find this project interesting – there are plenty of features designed for gamers as well. 

There are four different editions of the main characters in the cards, so let’s check them out in detail. 

The Common Edition 

As the name suggests, common edition cards are the most common. 

While they do have some impressive visuals, it’s not that hard to get a hold of them. 

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The Rare Edition 

There are two ways to acquire a rare edition card. 

Firstly, if you have five cards with the same character, you can transform them into an evolved version, giving the NFT piece a ‘Rare’ characteristic. 

You can tell apart a rare edition piece by an added border on the card. 

The second way to obtain a rare edition card is by buying a rare pack – out of the five cards you receive in the pack, one will be a rare edition. 

The Perfect Edition 

Each GRD NFT has a random background and an appropriate layer combination to support it. 

Out of tens of thousands of combinations, one for each of the main characters will be a ‘perfect match’ because it displays the character the best. 

If this is the case, the NFT will receive a ‘Perfect’ badge. 

The Perfect Rare 

These are the most valuable NFTs in the Girls, Robots, Dragons universe – they combine both ‘Perfect’ and ‘Rare’, and are the hardest to acquire. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – The Books 

These four card editions exist so players can collect them in the scattered Books of Wisdoms and receive prizes for it. 

Completing a book requires collecting all the 15 main characters and submitting them for prizes. The rarer collections will bring the biggest prizes. 

Since there are four card editions, there are also four types of books you can collect. 

Here are some of the rules that apply to each type of book:

  • To complete a book, you need to have each of the 15 main character cards. 
  • All of the cards you collect must have a ‘Book’ badge. 
  • Each card has a book badge at the start.
  • Once you submit a book, you can keep the cards, but you will lose the ‘Book’ badges. This means that one card can only be used once in books. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – $DUST Proofing 

This NFT project incorporates $DUST Proofing technology, which means that the first 3,000 buyers will receive $DUST tokens equal to the NFT’s purchase price. 

You will receive your $DUST tokens over the period of one year, until the complete amount is returned. 

The precise amount is set on the day you purchase the NFT and it is based on that day’s exact exchange rates. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – The NFT Vault 

Once the initial sales period ends, the developers will release an additional 6,000 NFTs in a vault that players can access and use for collecting. 

The cards within the vault can only be purchased with $DUST tokens or redeemed for free (you will only have to pay gas fees) through the Loyalty Card Program. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – ETH Prize Pools 

All of the rewards players receive come from the ETH prize pools. This pool is funded in two ways, through original sales and through secondary market royalties. 

From each original sale, 20% of the amount is transferred directly to the pool, while from royalties, 50% of the amount goes to the pool. 

As long as the cards are being traded, the prize pool will continue to fill up, and the rewards will get better. 

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Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT – The Verdict 

Girls, Robots, Dragons NFT is one of the most exciting upcoming projects in the community. 

With extraordinary visuals, a unique story, and highly-talented developers, it’s certainly a token that you should keep an eye on in the following period. 

However, even though GRD NFT might be one of the best investments for 2022, it’s not the best. 

After reviewing hundreds of different NFTs, we have concluded that Lucky Block’s NFT collection (The Platinum Rollers Club) shows the most potential to succeed and generate huge returns for early investors. 

Tijana Veljkovic